Martin Luther King Jr.


If there is any justice that is utilized against citizens for the purpose of political power there is no justice at all. The rights of the Constitution are rendered useless when government in the form of a Federal agency, Federal Prosecutors Office, and a judge come together to keep the truth from a jury. And when the jury sees the truth through the actions of the government and renders a not guilty verdict, not just once but two times, and the government tries to keep people in jail and try again for the outcome they want THIS IS UNJUST.

Yet you hear nothing about the trails in Nevada from the news media. Why is the attempt to ruin and jail people who stood up under the Constitution still being attacked by entrenched bureaucrats? Why has the Justice Department not put an end to all this? We don’t know.

Twice now the juries have found not guilty several supporters of the Bundy’s of Nevada, who stood up against SWAT teams from the Bureau of Land Management, and have been jailed and tried ever since.

What form of government is it that is all for stepping on citizens in the West and ignoring law breakers in the East? A government out of control.

The judge in the case in Nevada did not allow arguments on the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, and pertinent facts in the case. It was obvious that the shock of the defense and the attitude of the judge was noted by the jury.

But then this is a justice department that allowed a rancher and three companions to come under fire in Oregon when they were going to attend a meeting with the county sheriff over the standoff on the Mulhuer National Wildlife Refuge. And allowed the rancher to be shot in the back as he struggled to walk in a snow drift. Several other shots were put into the man and then agents stood over the body and laughed. Where is the justice in this case? Where is the outrage and investigation?

What you read and hear on the media is a set of facts that have been put there by the government and very few have reported on the truth.

How does this affect you? Ask the farmer that is being held up by the government for farming a wheat field that has a mud puddle in it. The fines now stand at over 1 million dollars. The Idaho farmer who built a pond on his own land who has to go to prison for 18 months being convicted of violating ‘rules’ not law. If the government or media decide that you are in violation of some rule made up by an agency in a back room, you will come to understand that injustice for one is injustice for all.

The Bundy’s Trial in Las Vegas has taken a turn that no one expected. the witnesses, judge, jury, and other officials have been tutored on the Constitution by one of the Bundy’s who is acting as his own attorney. It has been now established that the government lied, withheld evidence, and brought the fight to the Bundy’s escalating a fight that was intended to go through the courts as an over reach of the Federal government and the Government response was to move SWAT teams into position for a confrontation. The water improvements on the land in question, paid for by the Bundy’s, were wrecked, and cattle were killed and buried.

As result the defendants who were held in jail for 23 months and treated as public enemy number one, have been released so they do not have to be separated from their families and drug into court in chains every day.

In the mean time the agent who shot Lavon Fincum, who was drawing fire away from his truck that had a woman and teenager inside, has not been charged with murder and the Federal Agencies have not been censured by the Justice Department for the murder of a man who stood up against the heavy hand of government.

And where is the news media. Ignoring the entire case. The lies that have been put forth by government bureaucrats and have proven to be lies, has been believed and presented to the public as facts in the cases.

And so the public has bought the lies and farmers and ranchers are being prosecuted in the West. I have had ranchers believe that the fight in the west is not an issue of government over reach. They have bought the narrative that has been put out by people who have been proven liars. What little interaction we have in this region has left us devoid of the wariness of that old line, ‘We are from the government and we are here to help you’.

We can only hope that the proven liars and entrenched bureaucrats in the BLM, Forrest Service, DOJ, and others will be brought to again doing what the Constitution allows them to do and not what they want to do.

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