Marie Dressler


The Kansas Legislature is working so hard that they are almost in a dither. There are so much important stuff to work on they may not get everything done. If they keep up the feverish pitch they may have to go into ‘special sessions’.

You know they came up with a surplus of funds and they thought that they may put some into the insolvent KEPRS retirement fund. If they just kept up what they have (have not) been doing for years. Back in the 1980’s & 90’s they lost over a Billion dollars on bad investments. They went for 15 years or more not putting their share in the fund. They were too busy letting the various governors delve into the Bank of KDOT to make it look like they were good managers. Then they failed to make any COLA’s to the retired employees since 1998. KEPRS is 2nd from the bottom, just ahead of California in insolvent retirement systems.

Oh and there is the 3-4% invested in Russian stocks (that are now frozen and worthless). Being a member of KP&F I have not seen a ballot for board of directors in years. That must have gone to the same committee that picks Supreme Court members.

What are the pressing issues that are consuming their time? SHOULD THE SAND PLUM BE THE STATE FRUIT? SHOULD THE POLKA BE THE STATE DANCE?

I am on the edge of my seat. Yes it is cute that a school class testified on behalf of the sand plum. I love sand plum jelly.

I like Polka, I don’t square dance. I loved two step and waltz. The Polka and Square dance kind of divides north and south Kansas.

You can see that these are burning questions of our time. What it demonstrates to the kids is that it is a good thing there is a time limit on the Legislature. They are such serious representatives!


We cannot finish highway projects that were started 25 years ago. They have over laid the portions completed 3 times before getting started on completing anything. The US400/54 project blue print in the courthouse in Pratt just disintegrated and fell off the wall. Or taken down because it was a bad joke. I have a friend that had blueprints for a big truck stop at Pratt for 30 years. Someone put a Caseys on that corner. They will probably never have to worry about the highway anytime soon.

It has taken Topeka a lot of years to figure out that the fire service needed improvement in the state. Finally things are improving.

Will the Sand Plum and Polka win?

All politics are local. You can see why Washington is so messed up. I sure miss mean tweets. Let’s go Brandon!

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  • John Grier (JX)
    Posted at 18:50h, 28 April

    Wow! Roger, you almost make it sound like Kansas is sliding politically like the LEFT coast (Kommifornia). I always thought that my native state of Kansas would stay stable and conservative but surprises abound.

    Everyone there usually voted a Republican legislature in but elected a moronic Democratic governor (?) that could refuse to sign anything that was the will of the people. Pay attention people or you will become like those of us held hostage here. I guess the only reason beside the kids being employed here is my wife and I are supposed to turn out the lights when WE finally leave. This will happen sooner than later when everyone plugs their EV vehicles into the grid and watch it crash. Heavy dose of reality. Let’s go Brandon!

    PS: I miss those tweets too. MAGA!