Bill Watterson

     I am just so excited!  It came today, that letter that they told me would be coming.  Wow I am just dying to see when they are coming by to give me my check!

     Yes my Publishers Clearing House envelope came telling me that I am in the winning group.  Hold it.  No appointment, there are no TV cameras or balloons.

     Well I just had to tell you about it because for many years I too opened up the letters and filled out all the forms and DID NOT buy anything.  (But state law says I don’t have to, it is all in the fine print).

     We watch the cycle of television ads until it is irritating.  Now you get $5000. for life and can give it to someone else for their life after you die.  What a great deal!  But wait a minute.  I have had many times where they say someone with the initials RR is a winner in Barber County.  4500 population how many have my initials?  What great odds.  But I just never find out who it is.

     Stop and think, do you know anyone or have you ever picked up the paper and read that someone in the state has won that money?  I can’t.  I know people that have won some decent prizes in the lottery and a few who actually came home from the casinos ahead.  I have never ever seen, heard, or met someone that won the PCH.

     Now I heard that the BBB downgraded the My Pillow company because they ran their deals too long, (I love my 2 My Pillows) so why has the BBB or the consumer fraud office, or Justice Department ever investigated PCH?

     By the way I threw the letter away, I am not wasting another stamp even though I am trying to support my local post office to keep it open.

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