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I am just so happy to be able to write this column today. The only things in life that are a guaranteed are death and taxes. And I made it through yesterday and am still here. The last two weeks have been particularly hard. I finally gave up and went to my doctor on my own. I have seen way too many clinics, doctors, and hospitals in the last two years. For some reason I was getting worse by the day and was progressively getting weaker and shorter of breath. Had I had been able to give notice I was ready to let all of you down and suspend my column.

When I saw my doctor the first words out of her mouth were, “I have never seen you breath like this before!” I was in a wheelchair and was fighting for my next breath. Needless to say that I was scared to death.

After a day and night of hell I am here to write to you.

The news on the TV in the background was another school shooting. Another self centered person decided that her life was valueless and taking the life away from the innocent was what she decided to do. None of those kids and people in Nashville had any idea that  it would be their last day on earth. But it was. I went to the doctor all ready to go on to the hospital. I was allowed to prepare, but they were not.

The title of this was taken from Minnie Pearl that was a standard part of her act. “I AM JUST SO PROUD TO BE HERE!” So am I.

The politicians and news media were ready with their standard reactions to the shootings. That is starting to really tic me off. What makes a person do such heinous acts? we don’t know. There is one thing we do know and that is that evil has full control of this world. What can be done about it? Stop supporting evil.

When you are at the point that you realize that nothing you have can be taken with you, except love. There is only one place that that is found. All of the protesting, heinous acts, what you have made or anything you can do is going to matter in the end except love.

So I am happy to write at least one more time. I would prefer that it will be much more.

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