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What I cannot understand is how people go all in on statistics. Statistics are like computers, garbage in-garbage out. Statistics are used and manipulated to push points and manipulate others. When the numbers should be taken for granted you need to see who is actually gathering them and do they have an agenda? It is like watching the weather and the weatherman. Does it drive you crazy when they say no rain, but, it may rain. The lifetime rural Kansan is as good or better than the ‘de greed’ personality telling them. Sometimes the statistics and the forecast are at odds. This is why the meteorologists would rather come to Wichita, Oklahoma City, or Omaha. This is where the weather action is. My old friend ‘Chief’ from Garden Plain was better with the forecast both short and long range than anyone I have known.

Now it is coming out that the Wuhan virus was suspected to be from the lab and it was those with an agenda that tried to stop discussion of it. Do you really think sleepy Joe is going to do anything to China? Another study has just concluded that if you had the virus you do not need the vaccine. THANKS A LOT!

I was taken to Hays to the University of Kansas Medical Center with the Covid. After several days I came home but never fully recovered. I had great care in Hays! The facilities and staff were great! Even the food was not bad, even though I was not very hungry. The staff at that time thought that I should not get a vaccine for 90 days. When I came home I had a mixture of places tell me to get the shots as soon as they were available. In the back of my mind was the question of why a vaccine after I already had the virus? But trying to do the right thing I took the shots. I was sick the rest of the day after the first one. I was as sick or sicker for four days after the second. I have a cousin that got sick after the second shot as well as my brother. I have since heard of others. When the mention of a third booster I draw the line! It will be a cold day in Hades before I get any more shots. The after affects have settled into my knees and legs.

The point is that when I tried to report my reactions, no one was interested so I was not added to the statistics. So this makes me ‘not a statistic.’

Now the big push is to vaccinate kids. With no statistical evidence and no knowledge of the long term effects. It is bad enough that we adults are guinea pigs, now they are going to expose the children to it. For what reason, power?

It is a bit amusing seeing all those who act like there is no God and no afterlife. When it is my time I pray that I will go home. I am afraid others are getting a bit nervous.

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