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When this comes out there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. It remains to be seen who will be doing the wailing and gnashing.

This has been an exhausting political season and the worst joke is that the 2020 campaign will begin the day after the election. This is the sick joke.

When I want to renew my sense of sick humor I stroll into the Pratt County Courthouse. On the wall in the lobby over about 6 to 8 feet is a plan for US 54/400 Highway. This is just the plan in Pratt County. I am sure that the plan is not up in the Kingman County Courthouse, but I may have to check on that.

Of course this is a highway plan that was devised in the Hayden Administration. Parts of the plan took over 12 years to build and part of it set for several years in a state of being half finished. This plan was designed to be built in several parts. The job of building a highway through a swamp has been completed. and the money is gone. Of course the whole thing could have been done for the same cost at one time if it had moved two miles north. But then, what has common sense have to do with a state highway project.

Money began being stripped from KDOT as soon as the Sebilious Administration could divert funds and make themselves look good by funding other departments. I have not ignored the fact that Hayden diverted Federal funds.

The joke of each new candidate swearing that they will no longer steal money from the highway fund has gotten to the point that the credentials should be taken away from anyone who runs on it. Knowing full well that they are going to go back on their words.

We do know that those in Topeka think that US 81 is the western boundary of the state. I challenge that any politician set in the Dillon’s parking lot in Pratt and just count trucks.

For many years we lived with no truck stop from Wichita to Liberal. Now the companies that build and run truck stops have decided that the highways are not going to be built and we now have two. One in Cunningham and one in Pratt. They are both busy to almost overflowing all the time. (build it and they will come)

The major access across the nation diagonally is US 54. From Tucomcari NM to Chicago it was once the pride of the country. You can go east and west on several routes. You can go north and south on several routes. but cut across at an angle and it is US 54.

The campaigns talked about Brownback and schools. Both are gone or funded. When will we have a decent election race that talks about facts and what we need as a state. AND WHEN WILL THEY TALK ABOUT INFRASTRUCTURE?

Now I am going to have to go to Pratt to get my humor back.

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