Harry S. Truman


When my mother was in high school her history teacher told the class that the United States would not be overthrown by outside enemies, but it would come from within. That was a teacher that knew history and taught her students with an eye to truth.

My readers all must have figured out by now that I am conservative. I am a student of history and I write about history. History is what it is like it or not. We cannot color history and judge it by the values of our times. History must be judged by the values of the time that it occurs. History cannot be changed just because you do not like it.

Many historians as well as those who try to teach a revised history seem to think that you can take and create artificial values to our past and judge it by our times.

Orwell had a wonderful insight as to what the future would contain and presented in in fictional form. And yet this ‘fiction’ is well on the way to becoming our reality.

Politics and the news has always been a contentious item in our past and both are now a major figure in our time. For all the discontent that there is today there have been times in the past when it was even worse. Yet until today, with the exception of the Civil War, is the danger of losing a great nation ever been so imminent.

Politics have always been a subject that has driven divisions in to our people. An many of us have for decades wished that there could be an outsider to go into the aptly named ‘swamp’ of Washington and upset the apple cart. Much to the chagrin of those who seem to think that bought and paid for politicians know better how to spend our money, educate our children, and send them to wars that make no sense, we finally got the chance.

It is no big secret as to how and why President Trump was elected. A bombastic businessman who was successful in television and the New York personality magnified. Not in my imagination did I think that he could have been elected when all the back ally and smoke filled rooms that dictate how we live were against him.

For the last decades when the office of President was a huge disappointment to me I had no idea how Mr. Trump would beat those who think that they are smarter than the whole of the nation.

When I would comment during the eight years of the Obama presidency I would be constantly admonished by the liberal friends of mine that I had to ‘RESPECT THE OFFICE’. Even when the president went on an ‘Apology Tour’, I do not recall any riots in the streets or demonstrations in the universities by those of us opposed to his policies.

These same people who talked about ‘respect’ are now throwing tantrums and supporting a process of impeachment that is a thinly veiled attempted coup. Not being able to accept the elections it is now out in the open that President Trump must be removed from office by any means available.

If you are against President Trump you should take a minute to understand what this impeachment really entails. By supporting this you are not only undermining a man that was elected by the voters but you are allowing the destruction of our way of life. Once lost it cannot be regained.

If you cannot look at Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, and the Nazi empire and learn that the path you seek is contrary to what our forefathers fought and died to save us from.

You are the reason that evil will take hold in our country and destroy it for all time. If successful and you over throw the president I hope you are happy when you are in lines for food from empty shelves and are wheeling wheelbarrows of money to buy a loaf of bread. Forget your Medicare for all. All that this Socialist coup will breed is equalizing misery in this country.

Don’t expect the dictators you allow to do without anything that you now take for granted.

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