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If you had not noticed it but what they have told you over the last few years are conspiracy theories, turn out to be the truth. I have had years of experience and training that get me wondering about a lot of things. When I voice my thoughts I get labeled as a conspiracy theorist, radical, or just plain crazy.

Well I am going to bite the bullet, open mouth, and insert foot.

There has been a string of happenings over the last few years that when viewed individually seem like a series of coincidences. I call Gibb’s rule 39, there are no coincidences!

Every year there is some catastrophic ‘accident’ that hurts a segment of our food supply. The results severely cripple a part of our food supply. The result are deaths and a commodity either put as suspect or crippled.

Statements that seem to not have anything to do with the ‘accidents’ over time start to look very suspicious over time and each incident.

For an example: One year there was a Salmonella outbreak in green onions. Green onions were pulled off the shelf and producers took a loss. Another year it was tomato’s turn, then strawberries. There were others but you get the idea.

The bird flu was worried about, immediately a chicken farm had an outbreak and the government killed hundreds of thousands of birds. Egg and fowl producers were devastated. Last year a turkey farm was contaminated before the holidays.

The beef packing plant at Holcomb caught fire and affected the beef market. Last summer thousands of cattle all died at a feedlot all at once, no explanation but the drought combined with hot wind.

After the first of the year a chicken house caught fire and killed 1.3 million chickens. No cause yet released.

Last month a dairy 80 miles southwest of Amarillo, TX blew up. 18,000 dairy cattle killed.

China and the biggest billionaires in the world are buying farms. There is more. Just throw in Palestine, Ohio train wreck where it was deemed ‘smart’ to burn off the hazardous spillage. Had the mess been a few miles away in a blue state there would be all kinds of government assistance and bureaucrats trying to clean the mess. Sorry but those bureaucrats that drank a glass of water and said Ya All will be ok. Those officials would drink the Cool aid if Joe told them to.

To all this I am throwing the flag and calling BS.

If you don’t believe we are not under attack, go ahead and vote for Hunter’s Daddy.

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