Bill Engvall


The way that the ‘smart folks’ start every project that they want to put over on the ‘stupid people’ has not changed in decades. Remember when the Seat Belt Law was a non fine that you could not be stopped and ticketed for? And then it became a ten dollar fine, but you still could not be stopped for it? Now you can be stopped for it but the fine in most places has gone to thirty dollars for the first offense? Oh and now you can be stopped if it is noticed that you are not wearing them?

Then there was the we need a new venue in downtown Wichita because the Coliseum is so far from the airport. But we will update the Coliseum for dirt floor events and just have the big shows downtown. And then the Coliseum was sold for about ten cents on the dollar and the area downtown was bulldozed for the new arena. What happened to the money that was in the budget for the update? No one knows or will admit to where it went.

We need a new ball team but the Lawrence-Dumont Stadium is not up to snuff. Lets knock it down even though we have not gotten all the approvals to move the team here. Lets start construction without a real design. Remember that? Now the NBC can’t have all of the tournament at the new stadium, and the offices promise have gotten forgotten.

Do you remember ‘lets knock down Meade’s Corner since the owner did not take care of it and evicted the paying renter and his business.’ Lets approve letting them tear down the historic building so a developer can build another ugly building. Did you remember that one?

How about the one that the library is leaking and we need to build a new one? Fine, we needed the parking space anyway especially since the stadium is limiting their parking space. But now developers want to take the old library and put it to new use. Gee, I thought it was not useful at all?

A couple years ago the question was shouldn’t we update Century II and make it more versatile? Since it is a symbol of the city and a very well used facility shouldn’t give it a face lift and some more versatility? Then the question arose, we need to add a new larger venue. Should we consider tearing down Century II and build an entire new complex?

Now it is imperative that we tear down Century II and build a huge new facility because we cannot get Hamilton to play in Wichita! Wow it wold be terrible to lose Hamilton!

See a process here?


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