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Since I don’t use Twitter I don’t worry about being cancelled. I do use Faceplant to keep in touch with friends and promote my writing. So Her’ Zuckerberg may jail me for this. I know my uber-liberal friends will have a cow. So here goes.

I am so sick of hearing about the Delta Variant that I could scream. Not only being sick with the Chinese virus but falling for the admonition of taking the vaccine I did my civic duty so we could throw away the masks. Being sicker with the Modurna shot than the virus I was outraged when the Cleveland Clinic’s study came out and said I did not need the shot.

Now the fear mongers are scaring people to death with the Delta variant. Where did this new variant come from and why is it spreading? They aren’t saying. But I have been watching the maps and can tell you how it is spreading. I have been ranting and raving to friends about it and was wondering why NO news organization has been able to see it?

I am no genius and who is going to believe a fat crippled man from the hills of Kansas is seeing what is happening? There are maps, reports, and plain logic that should have made this a story weeks ago. Now just two days before I write this Fox and a handful of outlets have finally seen it.

The rush for the border that slow Joe worsened is allowing infected people over the border. You can trace the spread of the Delta variant right up the bus routes and air corridors. On I-35 there are daily buses, reportedly five at a time, followed by black Suburbans pulling into a large convenience store. Everyone gets off, goes to the restrooms, buys food, and then get back on and drive north. None speak English. Regular riders of the bus routes report having a hard time getting reservations or tickets on the buses.

In California a fast food chain reported that people were coming in coughing and sneezing, not staying apart or even trying to not contaminate anyone. Police followed a group to a hotel that had been booked by a NGO who was putting up illegal aliens for the government. The people were supposed to be quarantined but there were no people supervising. They came and went as they wanted.

The more detailed maps at the spread of the Delta variant, (originally found in India, but you can’t call it the Indian variant or your racist), show the heaviest primary cases following the Interstate system. Well big surprise! The heaviest reports are in red states. Not because red states are open for business, but the power cannot be nationwide until everyone is terrified and shut down.

Now the experts are admitting that masks are not effective unless they are N-95 quality, but they are admitting that the country has reached the 70% goal that has been the stated point desired. They just got around to letting us no right now.

Investigators are also now questioning why the Wuhan Lab was advertising for bids after only two years to replace the air handling and waste disposal systems, (seems Chinese made plagues China too). Now there is satellite evidence that something was going on in Wuhan a lot earlier than 2019. One scientist noted that they may ave to rename the virus as the 2018 Covid.

Doctors are also now expressing concerns about long term effects from the pharmaceutical companies own figures and research. Plus the existing treatments for the virus that are cheap and effective are now being grudgingly accepted as effective. It is just the political establishment that tries to discredit the doctors and the figures.

We are not only engaged in WW3 but also the Civil War 2 at the same time.

Boy is this going to get me cancelled or what.

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