Albert Camus

   Remember the times when you see some idiot driving so fast and crazy that you simply mutter ‘speed on idiot, Hell ain’t half full’? Well that is what I am feeling right now.  Is it just me or is the level of common decency just been lost because the world wants to act like a bunch of out of control school children?

I remarked the other night as I was totally disgusted with the quality and type of commercials that chokes the TV, are there any ethics left? I wondered what my Grandma and Grampa would have said had they just watched what just ran on the tube.

I watched an interview with a doctor who had just had two experiences with two different insurance companies from two different states. The companies refused to pay for transferring the patients to other facilities in their states for life saving procedures. The immediately informed the doctor that they would pay for assisted suicide for the patients.  The doctor was shocked but not surprised.

I was shocked and angry. This is the culture that we are in today. Two patients that needed life saving procedure turned down and suicide recommended. Neither of these patients were terminal with an incurable condition, they were both just needing help that this doctor could not provide where he was and wanted to send them where they would get the treatment needed.

The beast is loose upon the earth and it is just amazing to me how many are just unconscious or even supportive of it. I am reminded of the scene in the god-father where the character played by Abe Vigoda says to the men that are taking him for his cement over coat that “tell Michael it was not personal, it was just business’.

The ethics of business in this country that allows people to die because it is more  cost efficient than keeping them alive is abhorrent. With no ethics there is no liberty, free will, or rights.

It will be to many who put ethics behind even by supporting it, who will say all the way to Hell that ‘it was only business’.


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