Hutch News 9/17/20


OK, just for a moment take the headline alone. What does it do to get your attention? In journalism it is known as a hook. The same as a hook in a song. It grabs your attention to get you to read the story. Since this story is on page 7 it has already been bumped down from the most interesting stories.

Left by itself I would say ‘Great’! The internet is so full of garbage it should be sent direct to the land fill! But then it tells of the County Commission doing things that are more efficient. The real story included replacing worn out heaters and air-conditioners.

The ‘Hook’ is what is used to get your attention in many things, I hate it when You Tuber’s put a provocative hook in the title and you never find it or it is so mundane that I say “that is time I will never get back.”

Of course it is the main feature when a candidate tells you how much the other hates you. They cite numbers of bills they voted against and ignore that was it was part of the worst bill in history.

There are two things that I believe should be outlawed. PAC money and Polls.

Both are legal ways to sway voters and have money given to candidates that would be illegal otherwise.

If you are so lazy that you will go to the liquor story and Wal-Mart but have to vote by mail you are not smart enough to decide who wins. I don’ wait in long lines on election day. I drag myself by my elbows into the court house and vote early. Don’t bother mailing me unsolicited ballots.

Where they are so smart, in New York, they still don’t know who won the primaries. You want that to be you?

It was just revealed that service peoples absentee ballots were just found outside a post office in Pennsylvania in a dumpster. All were marked for Trump. Ya think that someone should be put in jail?

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