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Politics have always been a hot topic in our country. When King George demanded our guns, we shot back. Pretty much there is a spirited debate ever since dueling went out of vogue.

Newspapers have always been pretty volatile about politics during our whole history. In fact Kansas had the most newspapers than anyone in the late 19th Century and the pulp magazines gave rise to many who would later go on to be authors, radio and TV personalities.

The topic of coffee shops would be pretty boring without the political back and forth that fuels a lot of the conversations. I have been known to throw a political hand grenade into a conversation and stand back and see where it goes.

There has always been the lone hot head now and then that just plain uses hate and no one can talk back and forth with someone like that. Pretty much there is no education in that circumstance.

Now we have an entire party that refuses to talk with each other. Rather it is a shouting at each other. There is now a huge disrespecting of just simple decorum.

Hate has now become the weapon of choice in the political discourse. Simple civility has been lost.

The performance by the Speaker of the House is a testament that hate is now the order of the day. Families, friends, and strangers have gone past disagreement to hate.

This is just how Satan and Communists love to have things. How will this end?

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