Mark Twain


This weekend was one that I will be laughing at for some time. It is so true that today’s liberal has lost any sense of humor that they might have possessed. The only thing that they seem to laugh at anymore is when they are demeaning someone.

I have been known for having a weird sense of humor over the years. In my family it is a requirement. I also was in the firehouse long enough to develop that warped sense of humor that lets you deal with the really tragic and odd things that you see and deal with on a daily basis. Without it we would have gone mad.

I could not help but have a big smile on my face when I saw Air Force One flying over the Daytona Speedway at 800 feet and the crowd cheering. Then to see the limo go around the track I just could not help myself because I just had images of the Trump haters with their hair on fire.

Since the ivory tower crowd just hates to see Bubba having a good time and supporting their president, I did not have to turn on PMSNBC to see the reactions.

Also I saw the comments that the fearless Bumblingheir had to say about teaching farmers how to farm and machinists how to build something. Mr. Boomberg you could be the greatest farmer in the world. Why you could spend billions on your farm until you were just a run of the mill millionaire again. (if you don’t know the joke I am not going to tell you)

Oh and I have some advice for the DNC. Why spend millions on security for your convention this year? Just declare it a no gun zone. I am sure that the outlaws will respect you, especially after you are turning them loose without bail up there in know it all land.

Some thing that I saw but cannot take credit for. “Isn’t it odd that the two maddest people on TV are named Whoopie and Joy?”

Hope you all have a great year.

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