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My family and I have been blessed throughout our whole life and we have never taken it for granted. That is not to say that there have been many challenges. A blessed life is always full of challenges.

Last Monday I was working at my confuser and was ready to get my next column sent out. I started feeling funny and shaking. I went  in and tested to see if my blood sugar had dropped drastically because that is how it felt.

I went in and the sugar had blown through the roof. I was shaking so hard that I detoured to my bed and yelled at mom that something was wrong.

All I remember of that day was a couple times in the Ambulance and waking in the ER at Pratt Regional Medical Center just before they wheeled me to my room.The whole day I have lost. I have later found out that it took four EMS techs to get me out of the bedroom and into the ambulance. If I ever feel that bad again I will just lay in the yard and make it easier for them.

There were a lot of people trying to take care of me but that first night all I remember was how terrible the bed was. Now I do not want to gripe, just yet.

Everyone that took care of me were fantastic and not one grumpy one in the bunch. And I tried their patience. They tried to tell me that I was a good patient but I was embarrassingly a burden.

First of all there is no dignity left when you are in the hospital. Everything is exposed and I will not go into the details. It is just not fit for mixed company.

Now for my gripe. Pratt has a multi-million dollar facility with wonderful people. And the worst beds and chairs I have ever been in. Imagine one whole week in uncomfortable bed and chair. I am hoping that it will discount some time in Purgatory for me.

Two people that I wish would spend a week in them are the one who designed them and the agent that purchased them. I am sure that it was a cost cutting measure. After the work put into the great facility they should have had a fund raiser to buy the beds and chairs.

I am very happy to have the care and concern of the staff. I am one fortunate man.

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