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I just love getting letters and notes from readers that are complementary for something I have written. Just the other day I got a thank you from someone that really liked my article. Which one I am not sure but hey, your welcome! I also got a fat envelope with material for a story that I will do sometime in the future in one of my books. Good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise.

Sometimes I wonder how my writing is received and if it does any good? Getting feedback really makes my day. By the time you read this I will have been in the hospital and received a new heart valve. At least I hope I came out walking and not feet first. I have been working to finish my next book and still have two or three stories that I am still waiting on information for. I have so many stories I want to write. After this next book I want to do one devoted to all Kansas farming and ranching history. I have files that I have piled up for future books and I want to do one devoted to aviation.

I want to thank everyone who reads my columns, buys my books, and contributes information on subjects that I am researching. Between Kansas books I even wrote a couple of novels, and would like to rewrite a couple of early manuscripts and see if any publisher would be interested in them.

I hope that we can kindle the spirit of reading and a love of history into our young people. Marci and Wendee at the Kansas Sampler, and great historical reporters Becky Tanner and Amy Bickle have been inspirations for me in my finding and telling the stories of Kansas.

When I write my books on Kansas History I have to do a bibliography to show where I found the information that I use. Sorry but I will not be able to do a bibliography of all the help I have received over the years to help me and my writing. There are so many, not the least of which is you my reader. I think I have gotten through to most of my readers that I am not always right. I hope to provoke thought. We are a nation that came about by leaders and questioning authority. We are citizens not subjects.

The only place that I hope all of us are sheep is following the Good Shepherd. In our citizenship of this country sheep are slaughtered by wolves. We submit only to the authority of the one who made us and the one who saved us and the spirit that gives us life. Man was given a brain and reason for a reason. Look where we are today. The advancements in how we live are because we were given the ability to learn, imagine, dream, and seek answers. If this was not so we would be still living in hovels and scratching out our ability to survive with sticks and rocks. Personally I give thanks that Mr. Ammana was searching for a treatment for those suffering and invented air conditioning.

We have been zooming around in automobiles and trucks going places that required weeks and months just a short four generations ago. We have achieved an average life expectancy that surpassed those just two hundred years ago. Yet not as long as the Bible tells us. Which tells me that we have still many things to figure out and discover. Will we achieve our potential before some idiot gives the secret of blowing up the world to a third world fanatic whose mission it is to bring on the end of the world?

If I leave this world now I will leave with more friends than enemies. I will see my friends for eternity and enemies never again.

Hope to visit with you again.

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