Soren Kierkagaard


I have had some contact lately from readers and I just love hearing from you all! I started my column back in 2012 that was just going to be my way of commenting on things that had my interest. I had no idea if there would be any reaction good or bad. This big new electronic world was really unknown to me. I had no way of knowing where it would go. I did find out right away that there are some people that will disagree with you if you say that the sun comes up in the east.

My little opinion column has definitely gone where I never imagined. I have to thank my mentor Mike Malfers from the Rural Messenger for publishing me every week. I also appreciate my local editor at the Gyp Hills Premier Kevin Knowland for picking me up quite a bit. I have been carried by other papers over the years but as people move on there are changes in policy. When I noticed that Cherry Road Publishing had bought the majority of papers inĀ  Kansas from the parent company of the Hutch News, I renewed my contact with the nearest paper, the PRATT TRIBUNE. Several years ago the Kiowa County Signal carried me. This paper is part of the Cherry Road group.

Well, I am delighted that the Pratt Tribune is now carrying my column. Also the St. John News and Kiowa County Signal are also carrying me now. This widens my audience and I am so grateful.

I really appreciate when my readers contact the papers with their comments. It is always a great feeling when there is a nice note passed on to me about a story I have written.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I hope that I can promote thought. I hope that the spirit that I write will come through and the good intention is not lost.

It is so great when I walk into a cafe and someone that I don’t know says Hi.

Once again I want to thank all the editors that put up with me, and all the readers that do the same.

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