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Why is it that our traffic departments look over at Europe and decide that we should do things like they do. I have to point out that we fought a revolution to get out from under the rule of the English King and to not drive on the left side of the road.

I am not fascinated with all things Continental. I care less how the British drive, or the French, or any of them. We picked up the Autobahn from the Germans but then we did not finish our interstate system.

We have highways crumbling and bridges rotting away. On the interstate around Wichita there is a bridge with beams and clamps holding it together as it is rotting in place.

We have a highway project that is taking 5 years just to get to the point where they are actually saying we are ahead of schedule and we are three years away from finishing. A project that we have been waiting on for decades got started and has gone up in record time. It is the same people overseeing both projects and yet they are totally different as they are worked on.

A report on the news made me grab my face and shout NOOOOO! When there was word that Hays is getting money for ‘improvements’ to an intersection, by building ROUNDABOUTS!

Nooooo I say again. Who is it that really thinks that roundabouts are good ideas. Not the truckers that get tipped over all the time at the Florence roundabout. And this Hays project is a double roundabout. Have you ever tried to negotiate a double roundabout? I have in Topeka and Emporia.

To this I say no! Why would you build a roundabout for drivers that have a hard enough time driving straight?

We need highways finished all over the state and the only thing KDOT can get interest in at Topeka are more highways around Kansas City. They really believe up there that there is no need for new highways anywhere else.

All I want for Christmas is a Governor who will not divert money from KDOT and tell us how efficient her administration is. Throw in there a legislature that does not raise taxes for roads until they refund everything that has been diverted for the last 30 years.

And how will electric vehicles pay for the upkeep of our roads and bridges?


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