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Many people think that they are God’s gift to the world. This is the height of hubris. But God gives a special gift to the world on such rare occasion that many times it is not recognized until that life passes. Tesla is one of those rare lives that defy worldly explanation. I believe that I have met one of those people and find that in trying to write about him, it is impossible to do so.

I met Larry through the stories of a good friend who was a friend of his. When I finally did meet Larry I was taken by his genuine good will and humble demeanor. I am sorely disappointed that I could not spend hours or days listening to his ideas, inventions, and accomplishments. The workings of true genius are so hard to capture that even those who knew him well have widely varying stories from others that knew him. Even at his funeral those who spoke could not capture the depth of his genius. If all the stories could be collected from those who knew him well they would still fall short of telling the full biography of the man.

One thing that all great and successful people share is the vision of looking even further ahead than others can when solving problems. You may not realize what things have been accomplished by these people but your life has been affected for the better by them. Many times these people are envied or feared. In rare circumstance most have no concept of what one person’s life has done for them.

Larry did affect what many have no idea of. In a simple way that you can be aware of how this one man improved your life every time you eat a pizza. Larry invented the concept of having many of the ingredients prepared so every pizza joint from a mom and pop pizzeria to international chain could easily put your pizza together at a fair price. Larry was Larry Doskocil. You may recognize the name if only in the meat company he started.

Larry had the ability to see solutions beyond what most people would not recognize as a problem, or an opportunity. Larry had the vision to create an answer to questions before they were asked. The chance encounter with a Pizza Hut manager dealing with creating the toppings for the pizzas on site, the man being short on time, Larry just asked a simple question, “would you like for me to cook your toppings?” Thus creating the way that most pizza parlors now fix your pie in record time. Larry provided toppings for most of the major chains as well as mom and pop shops.

Larry envisioned the mechanical processes and equipment for the meat industry and way beyond what we are aware of. He created a company, that separate from the meat business, worked on many ideas employing 53 people at one time in Reno County. The companies campus was so low key that there was not even a sign up until truck drivers complained that it was hard to find the place for deliveries. This business sought no publicity. As an experienced inventor knows that if your idea is good there are many willing to steal your design.

Some of the things that I heard about what Larry invented and then licensed, simply struck me with awe. You may never know how Larry affected your life but I venture to say that he did. What is so awe inspiring is that he knew that his ideas were given to him from his maker. He recognized it and was made humble by it.

There was no reporter to comment on the passing of Larry Doskocil and documentaries will not be made, but there should be.

In my life I have been blessed to have met some famous and important people. I put Larry at the top of my list. As I said before, I regret that I could not have spent hours and days visiting with him. In this case he was truly a gift to mankind.

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