Mark Twain


GO AWAY JOE, JJ WALKER, CAPTAIN KIRK, AND SCRUFF DOG! We get bombarded on every TV channel that we have to pay for, to call the FREE number to have a licensed agent tell us what we are eligible for. It is all supposed to stop by the December 7th deadline. Yet Joe has been going on nonstop for over 18 months.

It is driving me crazy!

If I live in a certain Zip Code I may get up to $1800 per year extra on my Social Security. They even promise some plans I don’t have to pay for. YA RIGHT!

Do you just get tired of all the fine print that would tell you that they are trying to hook the dumbest among us?

I get my fill of Demoncrats talking down to me. I don’t need Joe or anyone else doing it!

I am sure that in the trillion dollar package is something that will be given to me – free. Just think that the one paying for it has not been born yet.

If Joe does not go away this time I think I will shoot the TV.

Do you realize that if you call these ‘free’ calls that you are giving all your information to somebody you do not know?

Washington believes that we are stupid already. Do you want to prove it to all the scammers of the world? By the way, I got a call from my snotty grandson again. He gets real snotty when you mess with him. Plus I got a call again from ‘THE SOCIAL SECURITY’ again. From their phone number from my area code and exchange. I know that the real Social Security office in Wichita is still working but they never learned how to unlock the door. I know there is no one their that is going to call me.

I am proud of Liberty Mutual for showing the morons of the world not to try and become Spiderman by letting a spider bite them. You know there is somebody that will think the movie is real. The survivors will go on to be elected to Congress.

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