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The President of the Fargo, North Dakota School Board made a speech and the school board members went along with his thinking. His position; that in the Pledge of Allegiance it was not inclusive because God was capitalized, meaning it was the God of Judeo-Christian people. This excluded anyone who worships another god. They want the Fargo schools to be ‘inclusive’. Uh-huh.

Well the good people of Fargo went ballistic over the dropping of the Pledge and the wokeness that follows this line of thought. This might fly in California or Minneapolis, but North Dakotan’s are still proud to be AMERICANS! This country, that is a melting pot, that allows people of all cultures to come together in freedom and opportunity. Those who insist on dividing our country are finding that this does not fly well where people know who they are, where they came from, and how bad the tyrannical governments around the world are.

This uproar caused the school board to walk back this move because, “It would interrupt the business of education.” Well it should, the Fargo schools are at 50% competency for their students in reading, writing, and math. Parents are fed up with schools that do not teach how to think but what to think. No successful person in history made it by only knowing what is told them. They learn by curiosity, study, experimentation, risk, and faith.

In this same vane the Virginia schools are considering curriculum that deletes the calling of George Washington as the ‘Father of our Country’. Standby for a firestorm there. These are the same people who labeled parents who attended meetings and demanded excellence, Domestic Terrorists.

At the Nashville School Board meeting entertainer Brad Paisley, took illustrations from his kids grade school books and tried to show them to the board. They would not allow it. The picture were too raw and were too pornographic to show in a public meeting. Yet these came from books that his grade school children were forced to read. Brad took the pictures and books to the Governor of Tennessee and asked him what he would do if these were shown to his grade school kids? He replied, “I would have them arrested for child abuse!” Brad told him that this is what the schools are forcing on his kids. The Governor replied that he was going to put the force of law to stop this.

We have many great teachers. I have had great teachers. I also have had teachers that never should have been allowed in a school let alone teach in one. If you are honest, you have known some also.

No matter what people as parents do to stop the mis-education of children there are those who subvert the system. You have to be on your toes. Textbook companies, and there are only four or five of them, change words to disguise what they are teaching, but close examination will prove the content to be the same as before.

Now the School of the Ozarks has lost the right to keep their dorms separate. The Government is going to order private and Parochial schools dorms to go Coed. No matter that the convictions of the moral teachings of faith, the Government can order them to violate their beliefs.

The only way to stand for any freedom is at the ballot box. Billions of outside money have poured into campaigns to convince you to sacrifice freedom for safety. Our Republic will not survive without a moral people. This was warned by our forefathers. Remember Patrick Henry? Give me Liberty or Give Me Death? Well they are trying to cancel him too.

Remember anytime the word Democracy is used to describe our system of government they are deliberately telling you a lie. Democracy is majority rule. Mob rule! We are a Representative Republic governed by a Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Ten Commandments. It drives me crazy that people that know better are subverted by those who change words to convince you to fall in line. You will notice that words are being changed constantly. Someone from the 19th Century would not even be able to speak today.

They are now going to change names of creeks, roads, and other places because they offend someone. Squaw is now being canceled from our language. Yet it is an Algonquin word but people have changed it because it has derogatory uses. Oh, and you can no longer use the name Coon for Racoon. Well take your Washington Commanders and punt. I would have canceled Washington myself since it has become worse than Redskins.

Oh give me patience and give it to me now!

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