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Now this is for all the Binder lovers out there. (For the uninformed that means all the lovers of the International Harvester, especially us Scout people). For those who see an old Scout and insist on calling it a Bronco you may want to stop reading now.

I AM A SCOUT LOVER! Our family over the years has owned around 18 Internationals. This is the full range of trucks, Scouts, and even a Travelall. When International corporation dropped their light line trucks it devastated a lot of us Binder Lovers. When the farm equipment division was sold International survived as the Navastar Truck Company. Navastar still held tight to the name Scout. This left us diehards with a twinge of hope that someday we would see a Scout three. The slogan Get-Em-Up-Scout was the sales pitch for a while.

For those of you that call these turtle looking cars SUV’s, the Jeep and then Scout was the original SUVs. When the Scout Two was compared to all other SUVs of the day (Bronco, Blazer, Jeep, Jimmy, Land cruiser), Scout beet all of them in 18 of 19 tests. The Scouts poorest feature was rusting.

There were stories of a group of Texans buying the rights to build Scouts, to no avail. The major three car companies have made sure that there are no upstarts in their world. Yet we still had hope.

Then Navastar Corporation was sold to Volkswagon. No one knew what the Germans would do with a truck company. The first news came from Fox News Service this week.

VOLKSWAGON IS GOING TO BUILD THE SCOUT. Wouldn’t you think this made my heart skip a beat? Only for a moment.

The announcement from Volkswagon was that they will build a Scout and a Scout pickup in the year 2026. What they gave for an image was a fuzzy image that resembled the Scouts but no details. As they let all hopeful Scout owners down they said that the Scouts would be electric. ELECTRIC!

So once again mankind has been let down by those who subscribe to the Global religion. And all we wanted was to once again say ‘GET-EM-UP-SCOUT!’

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