Sylvia Plath


I have been turning off even the news programs that I like and watching anything that is not politics. Anything that is not the insanity that is being pushed into our everyday lives by those who want to take down out system that we have fought to keep and improve on for 244 years.

The country has had a restless spirit for all of this time and it has defined a successful culture. Growing up slowly by the sacrifice by each generation for the next. But the seeds of destruction that were planted over 100 years ago are slowly creeping into our everyday life and the overthrow that has been plainly stated is coming to fruition.

What has been recognized as right and wrong is being turned on its head and the insanity is that people are ignoring the facts and buying into the lies.

Families, friends, coworkers, even spouses are growing apart and taking an insane path. What family does not have those members that are so radical that the others just have to ignore their rantings just to keep some form of civility in everyday relationships?

How insane it is to replace what is important with what is just plain hateful? What does it take to even get a short reprieve from the madness? It takes something tragic!

Our community, and I include several, is in mourning for the loss of what is the insane result of not being able to find a cure for cancer. How much of the insane amount of money that is spent on political campaigns could be spent on doing works of good?

A son, grandson, nephew, cousin, neighbor, and friend who should be in his Sophomore year at WSU has been take from us. A good student, talented athlete, just a nice kid next door is gone after fighting a cancer that showed up in high school.

We will take enough time to mourn and try to say what cannot be said as he is laid to rest. And how many will not notice it and really think that what they are passionate about is truly important?

The loss of this young man will be felt by so many forever and yet there will be those who really think that what they believe is what is truly important and not notice.

That is the real insanity

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