Paul Harvey


There is a lot of dirty work going on with the brave new world we know as the internet. And those who are struggling to keep up with the advancing of today’s technology, in relation to the freedoms guaranteed from the Constitution, are struggling.

Now before Congress the officials from the big three Twitter, Facebook, and Google are being questioned. Well at least two of them are. Since Google is one of the largest corporations in the world and control most of the knowledge that is accessible, they feel unimpressed when the lowly Congress of the United States wants them to answer some questions.

Each of these companies use algorithms to place the order of importance of their information available to their users. By using these nameless and faceless algorithms they can bury those with whom they disagree with. That means anyone that is conservative. This just adds to the outrage of the regular working people who voted in the Trump administration. So those who told us for years we had to accept the ‘fundamental change’ of our country and had to respect the president of the time, are now outraged and attempting a coup to remove the duly elected president.

We have never seen such an outrageous behavior since the beginning of the Civil War. So there is a major question that these media giants have to face. What they face has been brought on by their own political beliefs. Are these giants of information exempt from being bias because of the First Amendment? These companies that use the First Amendment to hide behind in order to destroy the Constitution as a whole.

Will the conduct of these companies allow the government to declare that these online companies are actually utilities and subject to regulation? If it happens it is because of their own blind self importance.

The two companies that did send representatives act like algorithms are some mysterious uncontrollable force. HORSE FEATHERS!

The oldest and most important thing that has been known ever since the concept of the computer was thought up is GARBAGE IN – GARBAGE OUT. It is a programmer that puts the codes in and predetermines the quality and accuracy of the information that comes out.

Algorithms are a fancy term to try and add mystery to the man behind the curtain who is controlling what is being shown. It takes a person to put in algorithms and one to change them.

My advice to the self appointed guardians of the universe is to act like a decent citizen or end up with a government doing the decisions. Do you really want a nameless faceless bureaucrat making decisions for you? You can see how well that has worked.


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