Winston Churchill


I am getting worn out with the politics and the deliberate attempts to turn everyone against the other. The raw joy that some take to create hate and attack what our nation stands for. (At this point everyone puts in a qualifier. I am not going to do that.)

Every family seems to have members and friendships and all seem to have people that want to make you think what they believe in. And if you don’t you get yelled at, unfriended, slandered, and attacked. Pardon me if I refuse to take anyone seriously who tries to make me believe something that I don’t.

I have been trying to avoid the madness and look to things I really want to see. I have been waiting to see the new Fendt Ideal (Massey Ferguson, Agco) phase 4 combine with the fifty foot header cutting wheat. It was suppose to be in the south part of the county this week. And then we have had a total of 5.25 inches of rain in the last three days. It may be more by the time you see this.

I also want to see the new Tribine cutting wheat. I have no idea if it is even going to be close to our area now. This all takes my mind off of people who really think that by taking over a few blocks of Seattle is going to start a war in this country.

It is time that the Polls are needed to be ignored because no one is telling the truth and a poll can be changed in meaning by one word. and as anyone who has any memory at all the polls in 2016 were wrong.

The attempt to make people cower in fear is going to back fire. We are Americans. There would not be people from all over the world trying to come to the United States if they thought we were an inherently racist nation.

Some of the things happening in advertising right now are the most racist thing I have seen since the 1950’s and they are getting away with it.

Let me raise my voice here and say, You Maoist punks! You are not going to change the country by your bullying tactics. And Hollywierd and other paid pro athletes, you are not going to tell the hard working and tax paying American how to live our lives or how to think. We have gotten by just fine not going to the movie theaters or spending the rent attending ball games.

I just had to put that rant in.

I will go to my church and worship my God. I will speak as I see fit and I will listen to you if you give me the same courtesy. Don’t expect me to agree with you. And when I am spoken to by an officer of the law I will be polite and have a conversation with them and if I feel wronged I will go to court.

I will honor all who have served or who are serving and if you want to tear down something in my sight it will cost you.

I read a thoughtful story the other day about when there are no police:

Dispatcher: 911 how may I help you? Caller: I need the police! 911: Sorry we don’t have police anymore can I send you a social worker? Caller: Then hook me up with the trash service. 911: Why do you need the trash service? Caller: Do they want me to put the bodies on the curb for Wednesday pick up or do they want to come get them now?

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