Nelson Mandela


Our nation was born of the way that the Monarchy was treating its children (Subjects). The political leaders that had assumed the leadership of the church and put to death those who opposed it continue to this day but are more tolerant of the opposition. The foundation of the new government that was so hard fought won formed the new union upon a Judeo/Christian foundation that was not perfect but was a new concept of how a people could govern themselves. The leaders recognized that the church should not be a part of the government, also recognized that any chance to succeed depended on the precepts and recognition that it was the hand of providence, or plainly, the will of God that the people should be free from tyranny. So a balance was struck that recognizes that all rights come from God and not from the government. This was put into our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. There was also a warning from Franklin and others who formed our government that this grand experiment of liberty could only last if the people were a ‘moral’ people.

The disposition of our own souls will be determined by the fact that when God created the human race that he did not want to rule individuals created in his image but gave each free will. And the free will is what has been our downfall from the very start. We have sent our youth to die in foreign lands and shed blood on our own soil to try and keep the concept of a free people alive for over two hundred years. The wrong of slavery that would have prevented the union in the first place finally was abolished and thousands of people shed their blood for this to happen.

This fatal flaw in the human character is of our own choosing. As man and woman become ‘educated’ and as more and more miraculous discoveries are made, the hubris of mankind grows and the world follows the path that will result in the destruction of many. The character of the nation has been diminished so much and the loss of freedoms are so great that we are for the first time actually in danger of losing our nation and our identity.

Those who have worked for over one hundred years to destroy our union have finally got us to the point that they may win. And they told us how they were going to do it!

For those who will look at each other and ask “who me”, will realize what they have done when it is too late. As the elites of the world fly there private jets to discuss our future, many ignore what is being said. As our country is being overrun by the world coming across our borders and hundreds of thousands die from the drugs that China sends in, the hour is almost gone that anyone can stop our own destruction.

As activists ruin the innocence of our children with critical race theory, sexualize them with drag queens and luring them to make changes to their body that can not be undone, and convince them that Me is all important, how does this end? Slavery that was thought to be stopped with the Civil War has more enslaved worldwide than anytime in history. The ‘right’ to murder a child before they can be born only cheapens life to the young. Escape into virtual worlds end up with children acting out in real life the acts of violence that has indoctrinated their lives.

The Right to love God also grants the Right to hate God. It is amazing how many who believe they are ‘saved’ actually have chosen to turn from what is good and moral to follow their own path to destruction. It is also amazing how easy it is to change from this path by asking forgiveness and change their heart.

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