Carol Burnett


What is it we do every May when the high school graduates get out of school? We wave good bye. Out of a class there may be only five or six that will be back to live their lives in the community that they grow up in.

We have this herd mentality that pushes the kids to get out and go to college and get a real job. Like running the ranch, farm, or main street business is some kind of condemnation to a life dreary and not something that serves as an example of success for the kids.

We predisposition our kids to get out while the ship is afloat. Yet later in life we find that the grown ups that kids turn into would have loved to come back home and raised their families here. We find that many retire back home after they are not anchored to a job they hate or just tolerate.

We push kids to go to college where they are going to come out with a $200,000 debt that will take half a lifetime to pay off. Then there are all the things that they ‘have’ to have to be good citizens. Mortgages, car payments, tuition for everything from daycare to their kids university education.

What do the Universities do for the kids? Employ socialist professors to teach classes that do nothing to further the job potential for the students. It was a running joke for years on the Prairie Home Companion about the usefulness of a degree in English. ‘McDonald’s is always needing burger flippers’.

What do universities, and the government, do by guaranteeing student loans? They ensure that there is an ever growing expansion of state of the art buildings, professors who have made it to tenure and have graduate students do the teaching for them. This allowing them to have an office, income, and the ability to pursue whatever they want like writing a book, and still draw their salary. Of course this raises the cost of the education.

Parents soon have children that they do not recognize. The foundation that was taught the kid in the home is displaced by a lot of theories and positions that we do not agree with. And yet they have spent their money to allow some foreign philosophy replace the reason that the children were sent to school for.

There is a growing school of thought from the kids themselves that this rat race that takes their time and money is not a legitimate way for them to go. There are kids that actually look and say that they are not going to jump on that tread mill. They are looking at training and actual education that translates into jobs and the ability to create a good life for themselves. They are actually thinking for themselves.

What is happening is one of the first signs that this younger generation is not going to go the way of the last two. They are developing a work ethic, obtaining an education that means something, and freeing them from the ball and chain of debt and holding on to values that this country was built on.

I have been horrified at the way that the education process has replaced facts with theory. Taken the ability to reason and replaced it with formula. I have fought for years about the revision of history and the fact that things have been taken out of the narrative and replace with lies.

Society today does not allow for honest discussion or questioning. If you do not agree with what is being shouted in our faces you are automatically categorized as some kind of neanderthal or racist. Any honest disagreement is not tolerated by the elitist mentality.

When I see a class room with a poster of Che, Mao, or Stalin I have to remember the fact that the process of destroying this country started around 1900 and has followed almost every rule to the letter. To the point that there is no shame of proclaiming that a politician is a Socialist and Communist. This can only happen when the true history of both have been changed in the narrative. The lives that were murdered under each system over the last one hundred years count for nothing. And the lives sacrificed to stop the wars count for nothing.

We are condemned to relive history. When the next kristallnacht comes will we tolerate it? If we do will we load on the train cars? Will we allow the Antifa to become the Blackshirt’s incarnate? Will we once again witness piles of books to being burnt in the street.

Will we do anything about the system that shouts down to us to shut up and follow what is being told to us? Will our kids recognize and go the way that is best for them and our communities? Or will we never see them again except on holidays?

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