Mark Twain


You do realize that the ‘average’ is struck by taking the extremes and creating the average by bring both points to the middle. And everything requires a foundation in order to measure this scale.

It has struck me that watching this summer television line up that I must be the bottom line of the average. I am irritated that I cannot watch my re-runs of NCIS in order that shows that show how many ways man can break the laws of Moses in front of the world can be accomplished. And these people go home and look people in the eye and are proud of their work.

I constantly make the statement of “who watches this garbage”? Then I wonder who in their right mind thinks that this has any redeeming value or that it is good business to produce these shows?

But then the commercials come on and even when I ask how much lower can they become? They always show me that they have not discovered the bottom of the barrel yet. (How long oh how long?) I have to remind myself not to ask this question anymore, they seem to take it as a challenge.

Then comes the commercials that are advertising for things that I have no idea what they are? A frequent question at our house is “what are they selling”? Most often I conclude that they are trying to sell your soul.

It now is so bad that people have developed actual medical issues with holding the I phone all the time. People do not talk anymore they text. When they actually cannot achieve their goals they yell and protest.

I still own a flip phone. I guess this makes me a base line. I only got the flip phone when the bag phone quit working because they stopped putting through analogue signals. OK there Vern, my flip phone has half the power and range of my bag phone. The I phones won’t last but a few hours on a charge. My flip phone lasts days! Who is the smart one here?

I happen to love the country I was born in. I am not wanting to go to a system that history has proven over and over that it does not work. Remember, a Socialist is a Communist that has not obtained the power to take everything you have at the point of a gun, yet.

Remember parents that the hundred thousand dollar education that you paid for has taken your child and determined that when you grow old, it is better to put you away for good.

A society that believes that murdering an innocent life is a right will not hesitate to bury you when you become ‘to expensive’.

As long as we still have freedom of speech, I will continue to speak to the truths that are put upon us by others who have no regard for anyone but themselves.

It is always curious to me how all that are in favor of Socialism think that they will be one of the privileged few of whom the rules do not apply. But end up being the fools who enable others to dictate what they are allowed to do or say.

Call me a Grumpy old man. At least I serve as a foundation for the average.

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