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Force things down the throats of the American people does not turn out to be a good business decision. For far too long ‘smart’ people have been pushing agendas that most Americans know that is wrong. For those of you hiding under a rock Bud Light got too big for their britches and wanted to revive the sagging sale of Bud Light beer by trying to win a new group of drinkers. Well it has blown up in their face. When the over priced ad during Super Bowl aired the knee jerk reaction was WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING? As a special item they sent a load of cans to a notorious trans sexual celebrating his 365th day of being a woman. If the face on the can was not enough ‘it’ got to give an acceptance speech and then cavort in a bathtub like a Playboy model.

Well it did not turn out very well. What moron college professor teaches that mixing business with politics is a good idea? Running off customers has not worked for anyone yet. The population as a whole only has a 2% that are LGBTXR7EYEYO. But this group of people now demand that their lifestyle not only be approved they demand that we accept and approve of them. Universities and schools are expected to cede to their every demand.

As our military is now getting diversity training, our enemies are training to defeat us. If you are caught with a piece of child ponography you will lose your job and go to jail. A transgender can have a crossdressing storytime and we are suppose to smile about it and encourage it. It is time that we put down our feet and put an end to this nonsense.

When parents bring books out of the school library and are not allowed to read or show it to the board, because it is pornographic, It has to stop. When a parent confronts a school board for allowing the rape of his daughter to go unpunished, and then get the government to call them terrorists this has to stop.

We as citizens, taxpayers, parents, and Christians we are supposed to take it and smile. No More!


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  • Roy Pethtel
    Posted at 00:07h, 16 April

    A madness has engulged our natio. A slow methodical change and here we are. Saw a good one the other day, you might’ve too, our government had been talking for years that SS will never last; yet no talk like that of welfare monies. A madness. Best wishes ya ol Cowboy!!!