Agatha Christe


Well Kansas made it to the bottom. We are number fifty on the list of fifty states that have received tests for the Covid 19 Virus. It is official that we are the most ignored state in the union. Had our Governor not shut down all the schools first we might not have even been mentioned during all of this.

I am having a real problem with the news reports and how the numbers are being reported. There was a real panic in one county when their numbers doubled overnight.

Well yes the numbers are moving fast on this virus but hold on a minute there. As the deaths are going up in this category they are going way down in others. Have we suddenly cured heart disease or are stopping strokes? Only the reporting. The numbers are being skewed. I am not going to assign blame on how and who but we are suddenly changing the norms overnight. Now it is suggested that ‘probable’ Covid-19 cases are wanting to be counted in the numbers.

We are getting the fewest test kits of the fifty states in the Union. When a group of test go through and the numbers are up it does not mean that the rates are going crazy. We are just identifying more. Until we get decent testing and decent numbers the appearance is going to drive us crazy.

We have had reports of counties with one or two cases. No follow up as to where the case ended up or if they are still actually still affected. The number of cases cured and testing negative is not getting top billing.

The first case from Ford County has been identified as going through the system and being sent to a facility in another county. (Reno) We have one case in our county making everyone nervous but has the time element gone by that the person is past the infection? We are not being told.

The handful of tests being sent to Kansas is just miserly. We cannot go to church but can go to Wal-Mart. There is no taking into consideration that we might be doing what is needed. We do not need the Government putting a gun to our head to tell us what to do. Is there any surprise that there is a law suit?

There is a fine line between the public safety and the trashing of the Constitution. There are not just a few that are planning on not letting us do things like before when we were a free people.

When Der Furher in New York is telling people to snitch on their neighbor the hackles start to go up on the back of our necks.

I have had it with the never Trumpers who constantly cackle about how bad the leader is. Like I did not care for the former President. but I had to live with him as our leader. Like it or not. I just want to see these who do not accept Trump as their president tear up their checks when they come. If you cash it he is your president.

And don’t think that I am happy with everything going on today. Until we get the meat packers monopoly broken up and stop meat from Africa and South America coming in and being sold as American meat, I am mad!

As the testing increases the numbers do go up but the percentage of deaths goes down. And the projections that scared the world to shut down are only a fraction of what they said they would be. Yet we still accept the pronouncements of the ‘experts’ as gospel.

It does amaze me that when the media portrays the protests they always find the few nuts that make it look like a bunch of hicks. Yet when they want to support things, like protests to kill babies, they try to show the crowds as legitimate.

And the spin goes on.



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