Well I have been numbed by all the blarney about Covid. If you are waiting for your free covid tests that are suddenly not there? Notice how ‘free’ has you upset? That is how you get panicked by getting something for nothing from the government. Well a lot of those ‘free’ tests are sitting in piles beside the Union Pacific tracks in Los Angeles. Since the enforcement of laws has seized the free range bandits now hit unit trains that have been unloaded off the slow boats from China. The ‘free’ tests are not worth anything so they steal things of value. The trash is kicked on the ground. They were even videoed breaking into the containers. But they will not be identified, chased down, or arrested. The police did not get a call. If they did take them in the Soros bought DA will not prosecute them. So much for law and order.

But the fireworks come from Washington where Slow Joe has been stopped on a whole host of socialist changes. And he is all hot about being defeated by two Demoncrats that still have a bit of common sense and patriotism. Joe warned of joining the party of Wallace and Jeff Davis (all the names he named were democrats). Joe wants federal control of elections. Like the feds do such a wonderful job of anything.

The Department of Injustice are bringing in indictments for the folks that caused a ruckus at the capital.  Somehow they think that it was a bunch of commandos that wanted to overthrow the government. But they did not have any guns. I sure would be threatened by a guy wearing Viking horns and wearing Speedos. Yes he was obnoxious, but he is going to do four years for talking. And they are going to really throw the book at the old man with a cane who did not even go in the building. Guess he was easy to catch.

You may not know much about all this if you watch the mainstream media. They are still trying to explain away the faked Russian hoax.

Good news, the Demoncrats now figure they don’t have a winning team for 2024. Someone came up with a power house team, Hillary and Chaney. Well thar’s some fireworks.

What I am doing through all this excitement? Reading good books. There is a magic button that works real well on the boob tube. OFF!

I am even working on a couple more books about Kansas. It is no fun going out right now. I think I will cozy up with the new book that came today. Learning a lot about Luckenbach, Texas right now. Cup of hot chocolate, not having any of those Frankin foods they are pushing now for Veganuary. You know April Fools is not so far off. Going to be hard to outdo Topeka or Washington this year.

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