Dale Carnegie

     Now I did not wake up suddenly and all my aches and pains have gone away. It is foggy and gloomy outside, but there is a change in the country.  If you do not feel it I don’t know how to explain it, but overall there is a different feeling out there.

     There are so many out there that are feeling vindicated and others that the sky is falling, but you have to admit that the mood and attitudes are virtually different from eight years ago.

     I look to what is happening as a Godsend from the way things have been going for years.  It is not that the person that I wanted as president is not there, but there are things happening that for good or bad, there is a feeling of something about to happen that the silent majority has wanted to happen for decades.

     Some fear the fact that a non politician is bringing in other non politicians to run a government, that is acknowledged by most, to be the most corrupt and ineffective group of politicians in history.  As many now have the forthrightness to say that the last eight years were a lost opportunity to make things really change.  Many cannot believe that what we were brought up with has been challenged, and overthrown, by people who really have a different set of values and ideas.

     Political togetherness is not a hallmark of our Republic.  The first Continental Congress had a devil of a time to agree on very much, other than the fact that the continuation of living under a despot king and having no say in their lives was intolerable.  Even when agreeing that the rebellion and independence was necessary they could not even agree to properly fund and equip an army and navy.

     A nation was forged even though the institution of slavery was repugnant to many and a stumbling block to actually forming a government.  It took a generation or two to later actually confront the issue and dispose of it.

     There has always been nasty and hotly contested campaigns in the past the main difference being the tremendous instant communications that we have today.  Even with the similarities and differences it is amazing to me how many are so disconnected from reality that the call for violence, boycott, and even criminal acts that we have now, things have not changed.

      There are winners and losers.  But the feeling I get from so many people is a new optimism that at last the concerted effort to ignore those who work to make our nation what it is has been, at last, a note of optimism.

      We are at the end of an era and it will be the historian that will in the end determine if this was a good time or a bad time.  I am putting my trust and hope in a good time.

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