Temperatures are cooling and rain keeps going just east of us but Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. Mostly because when I was younger Fall and early winter always meant quail and pheasant seasons. I do not do well in excessive heat but really enjoy soaking in some sun on a hot day. It makes my bones and feet feel warm and I soak up some of that vitamin D.

I have been only a mediocre fan of football and they are ruining it for me. I have not been an NFL fan since the strike. I know my friend who used to work for NFL Films says that they came back after the strike and they will be back after all this hullabaloo. Sorry I am still not really influenced by a bunch of millionaires who beat themselves for a few seasons (and others) and find themselves broke and ineffectual later in life. Their opinions just don’t influence me.

I know some do go on and are successful but I believe if you follow the ones taking a knee in the future, the track record won’t go very high, just saying. Integrity is very hard to regain once you have thrown it away.

The fall season was brought home to me yesterday when a coyote came up on our porch just nosing around. The deer are seen running across the pasture daily now. The buzzards are getting their last meals and getting ready to fly south. Any day now ducks and geese will begin showing up and well as millions of sand hill cranes. There is nothing like hearing the flights of cranes and looking for their high flying formations and finally seeing them.

Last week the Whooping cranes were seen at Quivera and that is the real sign that fall is here. I used to like bundling up and sowing wheat this time of year. That was when the little tractor did not have a cab. It was really fun to watch a buck walk out into the field and stand right by your rows as you passed. It was really neat to see the deer unafraid of me at that moment.

Fall also seems to apply to life and it is not so pleasant. Since I cannot walk in the field I seem to do a lot of walking into doctors offices. The fall of your life also sees the decline in dignity and you let people you don’t really know that well see, well, everything. And everything don’t look that good anymore.

There is an advantage of being in the Fall of life. I don’t go out and do stupid things like I used to and a lot of interests are just not interesting anymore. I do have a lot of stuff that I can compare to now and thanks to very tolerant readers, I am put up with by telling you my opinions every week.

One other thing that is not so hot is that I can feel when a change in weather is coming. Oh, I don’t do extreme cold very well either. Back to sitting on the porch in the sun.

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