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At one time there was the KANSAS SAMPLER FESTIVAL and it was a great showcase of all things Kansas. It was a major endeavor to put on by the hosting communities. It was also a major event to participate in and to travel to. As the years went by and took their toll a re-imagining of the festival was undertaken. Marci, Wendee, and the whole crew had to figure out a way to replace the festival with something as beneficial.

They did it and the result was the BIG KANSAS ROAD TRIP. Each year they choose two or three counties to focus all the attention on. All that is required is that the local areas must put their best foot forward. I remember the year that I packed my stock trailer full and with three loads of things having collage kids come and help unpack and set up our tents. Now you just drive around the selected areas and sightsee, shop, and eat. This years was a huge success.

Next year the area focused will be Lincoln County and the area around Lucas. There is so much to do and see that only two counties can take part this time. In the stone post area and just Lucas alone is a lot. You need to mark on your calendars right now to plan day trips to the area. If you want to make a two day trip out of it you had better make your B&B reservations right now.

Just Google the Kansas Sampler Foundation and look for details for next year. Also see how much fun was had this year. While you are there join the foundation and become a Kansas Traveler.

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