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When XM and Sirus radio was put on the air it was thought that terrestrial radio would soon go the way of the Dodo Bird. The Satellite radio would be a hugely diverse medium but even with the freedom of choosing stations with genre that I never heard of before, it only has captured about 10% of the listening audience.

The advent of Talk Radio proved to be the salvation of the AM dial as well as Not For Profit Christian Stations. When the mega mergers and buy outs started reducing the companies that own terrestrial stations the character of radio changed drastically. Just as the divorce of Country from Western changed a major genre, conglomerate ownership has changed radio.

When my station changed from KFTI AM the Radio Ranch to a package rock and roll tape from Atlanta, my listening habits changed drastically. And I believe that many others have also. It is really rare to find background music on when going into homes and even businesses. The backdrop of the favorite radio station was wiped out when people were told what they were to like what they were hearing instead of the only way around.

But just as tastes change and the brave new world of electronics is emerging, things are getting better for some. Worse for others.

I mentioned the new program that my friend Jim Farrell has now on Truckers Radio. With your computer or any other device that can go to the internet you can listen to Jim four times on Saturday and Sundays. Times of his show FULL GALLUP are Sat. 12 noon and 9 pm, and Sunday 8:30am & 7 pm. go to www.truckersradiousa.com. When I tell you that the show had millions of listeners worldwide that is not a guess. They have counters and everyone who clicks on and listens gets counted.

Other programs that are available: COW TRAILS www.ksjd.org from the PBS Radio station in Mancos, CO. in the 4 corners region of Colorado.

COW RADIO (Clear Out West Radio) originates in Wyoming. All you have to do is Google COW Radio.

Western Swing and Other Things, Marshal Allan Bailey. It is on Saturday Mornings on HPPR which is High Plains Public Radio. Google HPPR or the show name.

There is Tommy Tucker out of Idaho that runs a regular program.

For a list of radio programs and their stations go to the International Western Music Association website. (Google Western Music Association).

There are a lot of regular terrestrial stations that have syndicated programming, especially on weekends, that lets you pick what you want.

Of course you can tell your favorite station what you really want to hear but do not expect any quick results.

When they talk about Post Google it opens that fact that things change so much that you can have the entertainment you want.

Choice on what you want to listen to is what entertainment is all about.

One of the biggest changes for writers and musicians is the new law signed by President Trump that brings the license and copy write laws up to date. Now the musicians and writers have more of the ability to get the money that is due to them. The electronic world outpaced the copy write laws and this was a long over due update. This should help the independent artists and make your choices much stronger and available.

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