In part one I started to talk about radio and my experiences with it. Kansas has a great history in radio and also a great history of talent. Radio has always been a rough business and those who figured out the secret of delivering to their audiences what they enjoy and need, came out ahead of the pack.

Yet there are many who spent time in radio that even though failing, believe that they know all that needs to be known about the business. This attitude has led to the downfall of many in many endeavors.

I developed Cowboy/Western Format radio several years ago knowing that not only myself but a whole host of fans all around the world love Cowboy, Western, Western Swing, traditional Country (back when it was known as Country & Western. But try as I may I could not convince any company to try it. Today radio is controlled by music industry ‘experts’. Stations hire high priced consultants to come into a market not knowing what the listeners like and would like to hear.

The FCC has been involved in taking a process of allowing new people to be eligible for new station licenses and allowed it to become a process that allows huge companies to collect them.

Well we have come from the Edison Cylinder, to LP disks, to 8 track, and cassette, to CD’s and now downloads. The music has been hijacked by people who sell a subscription service to the owners of a radio license. There is no longer any need for live people to be in the building anymore, except to change the program.

I looked at one of those new age radio stations through a window once. The rest of the building was a feed store. The room and the tower next to it was leased by the license holder. The ‘manager’ showed up to make sure that things were running smoothly. I don’t believe he even had to add the local advertising. The copy was sent back to where the program was recorded (one was Atlanta). Anyone else that was connected to the station sold the advertising more than likely by phone from a boiler room.

I was delighted that not long ago I was listening to a PHD who actually knew what he was talking about. I had a hard time keeping up with what he was saying but I was happy when he said that technology and knowledge is moving so fast that within 10 years we would be post GOOGLE. Especially since GOOGLE is so full of itself it does not feel the need to even sow up to answer questions from the Congress.

Now last week I told you about Jim Farrell and his new program on truckers radio called FULL GALLUP. This is a part of the new era of radio that is giving the independent artist the chance to reach his target audience without some expert from Atlanta, New York, or L.A. dictating what you are going to spend your time on.

There is a whole world of programming that you can select without turning on your radio. In fact if it were not for the old stick in the muds like me actual terrestrial radio could be a thing of the past.

There is a whole host of radio programs from all over the country and world that you can listen to when ever you want with all the other electronic devices besides your radio. Their programs are picked up by radio stations, some originate from radio stations, but others are pod cast and available by just going to your search engine.

Now FULL GALLUP is on Truckers Radio. (www.truckersradiousa.com) This is a part of a system that has about 100 different genre of music. Truckers radio is owned by Rex Allen Jr. And in today’s world you do not have to wait for the Nielsen Ratings to come out weekly to know how the show did.

The first show of FULL GALLUP brought in up to tens of millions of listeners from all around the world. A regular radio station would turn green with envy if they could score 1% of that number.

Again for those who want to listen to FULL GALLOP on the weekends it is at www.truckersradiousa.com. When you tune in to the program on your device you will see the choices of shows and programming that you never knew even existed.

I am so proud of what Rex Allen Jr. has offered Jim Farrell by allowing his show to be a part of this exciting world of entertainment. You may even hear a song by a guy by the name of Roger Ringer being played.

In the next segment of this story I will go into many of the other options that you have to listen to what you really want to. And the advertisements are not nearly as long, numerous, and obnoxious as regular radio.

Oh by the way, I listen to a PBR station out of Mancos Colorado every Sunday to an old friend of mine the WESTERN BELLE and her program COWTRAILS. The signal is not reaching all the way here I go to the computer and listen to it being streamed. (www.ksjd.org) You can pull down Belle’s Podcast anytime.

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