Madeline Albright

What is the need for the continued hate and emotion from people who feel that they have been wronged by losing an election? What is the driving need to tear down and attack those that are of a different thought and position than yourself? Is the hate and stupidity something that is just caught like a virus or an intentional result of someone wanting to manipulate what this nation has built, fought, and died for for all these years?

Going back through many elections of simply incompetent people and continuing to support the planned looting of the nation and ulterior motives, what is going to stop the madness? Several times I have just been in disbelief of the leader that was elected to the country. It was almost unbearable to see the country torn down and the values that built it being eroded on a systematic and deliberate basis.

Make no mistake, both parties were guilty of this. Although I was amazed at who was elected I am more amazed that the President has actually tried to keep his promises. No one that I recall, even those I supported, have come close to doing this.

In my life I have never seen such hatred being spouted by people who are supposed to be educated. When a college professor says that Texas deserves the disaster because they voted for President Trump, there is something wrong with the educational system that stands for stupidity like this to actually teach students. Students and more so their parents pay for an education so the student can take their places in society as productive members. Our Republic only works when the people are educated. The foundations of our Republic are eroded by indoctrination.

There can be no ‘safe space’ on campus since the whole concept of University is fact and exchange of ideas. It is why so much research is done on campuses because it has to be an arena of thought, inquiry, and supposition. No successful subject can be taught with the limitation of theory and accepted practice. It only thrives on questioning and proving the fact of a case. The direction that any inquiry can take, can not be directed nor dictated.

History cannot be changed by tearing down statues. Ideas are not free when opposing sides assault one another. When an institution is allowed to be dictated to by a radical minority then that administration has to be changed.

There can not be a History degree obtained by not requiring classes in American History. Demonstrations are not legitimate when both sides come clad in helmets, shields, and carrying weapons. News people who inject opinion into news reports are defeating the purpose of their own profession and will soon see their privilege turned on them.

The election is over. Like it or not if you are not a part of solving a problem then you are the problem. Sitting it out and watching what is going on is not an option. It is time that the protesters be identified as to who they are, who is paying the bills, and why are buses always parked just a few blocks away from the site of the riots.

Those who do not go to the streets are too busy doing their jobs. But they do their part by voting. Advocating the turn over of a free election and the continual hack job is an act of Civil War.

What we learn from Texas is that when the chips are down Americans come together and help each other. Those in Washington just live in a world no one understands and just continues on doing what they do best. Talk a lot and do nothing and then patting each other on the back telling everyone what great people they are.

It is time to go back to making ‘doing what is right’ as the priority for everyone.

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