William James


This is being written on election day here in Kansas. This means that we get at least one week free from the hate filled political ads. Now the Demoncrat’s in Kansas can come out from behind their PAC’s and actually own up to who is paying for all the venom on the airwaves.

Politicians have enough faults on their own to deal with without the additional hyperbole that comes out in primaries. Don’t think I am letting the media off the hook. They can fact check all they want yet still take the money and run the lies. When the media tells you it is just ‘good business’ to run the lies, what does that sound like? The God-father.

How do you get the best and brightest to serve the public.They know that they are going to be accused of all sorts of shameful excesses. And if they do have a skeleton it is going to be dug up.

A man I knew was fed up with county politics and had the backing to run for county commissioner. However, he was not the parties pick for the job. (He was too honest) A party official met with him and explained that he would be getting no support. Also he should meet with his family and see if they were strong enough to stand up to the campaign? Because at some point they would find a woman that he had had some fleeting contact with him that would come out and accuse him of sexual harassment.

The man pointed out that the man’s wife and family needed to be strong to endure the accusations that will be made. If there was a more faithful man who would have done a good job for the taxpayer I don’t know where to find one. He declined choosing to spare his family all the lies.

Were the voters well served? Hell no! These fraudulent and hateful political hacks that control things from back rooms are the reason that we endure all of this hatred every election cycle.

But the reprieve will only last a week. Then the new set of lies and hate will hit. And the media gets rich. Even CNN & PMSNBC, even though they attack kids. (the settlements did not hurt them).

We will soon see if we remain a Republic or become a Maoist country.

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