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I have many school teacher friends that understand when I criticize what education has become. There are many who just knee jerk and will not stop and consider what is said. We have some great kids that come through our school system down here that go on and let a college turn them against their parents and church. Yet there are still parents that spend thousands to let these bastions of higher learning ruin their kids.

There is a storm of parents across this land who saw for the first time how and what theirĀ  kids were learning. Once they saw it they were enraged. So now the Demoncrats have decided that parents have no right to know what the kids are taught and that there should be no interference by parents.

This really is not a new thing. When I was starting my freshman year we took 9 week classes to expose us to things that might interest us in taking in the upper grades. I remember Wood Shop. I was so proud of the new Stanley plane that I had that I took it to class with me. We were told to pick out a project that could be done in nine weeks. I wanted to make a bolt bin. For the next nine weeks I was put to planing and sharpening my planer blades. I had no instruction on how planing had anything to do with a bolt bin. I was not even asked how one board could be a project that today I could build in a few hours. Come time to finish up, in disgust I lost all interest in wood shop for years. Do I have good feelings for my teacher? No. Years later I had a wood shop that woodworking teachers were envious of.

A friend years later who had been shuffled through school his entire life had a drinking problem. He had been busted for DUI and had to go into a rehab program. My brother and I picked him up from court and drove him to the rehab facility. The friend was in his 40’s and my brother had to go in and fill out the paperwork, he could not read, write, or comprehend instructions. Yet he was a proud graduate of 12 years in his hometown schools.

At the renowned Yale University a week ago, law students were allowed to go to a program. The two speakers were from two widely divergent groups who were as opposite as it can get. The discussion was how the two sides could reach agreement on many things when they would sit and politely discuss without foregone conclusions. Each side could present their positions, not yell at each other and figure out what they held in common.

The program was cancelled when students shouted and demonstrated against one side. Thus they missed the whole learning experience by being rude, loud, and abusive. What this would mean to me if any student from Yale was applying for a position working for me? I would throw their resume in the trash. It is better than even that this person did not have an education and would be of any service to a company.

Even in good school districts the choice of instructors is a curious thing. One high school has their students sex education class taught by the metal shop instructor. Really? Not the biology, science, or PE instructor, the metal shop teacher. Well there is probably better instruction there than what the choices may be. A fleeting analogy of welding comes to mind, but I will resist it.

What a great society we have when the nominee for the Supreme Court cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman.

So tanks are leveling towns in Europe. What history has been taught that the world could not see this coming. Vlad is shaking in his boots worrying about what Slow Joe is going to do.

Have you noticed that education gets learned the hard way?

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