Charles B. Rangel

   Bob is a grandfather and one of his grandson’s is a student at the University of California – Berkeley. When Bob was concerned at all the reports of rioting and attacks at a University where his grandson who was brought up with Midwestern Conservative roots he was alarmed and very concerned.

Naturally Bob wants his grandson to have an education that will allow him to have a productive life and be able to have a good income so he can have a family and be in a profession that he wants to work in. The news was shocking and worrisome.

When he called his grandson to find out what was going on and if the boy was involved in these things that were being shown on the news reports, this is what he told grampa.

“Grampa, we don’t even know who most of these protesters are. They are not students here and we are just trying to get around it all and go to class.”

I am sure there is someone out there who compares pictures of all these protests and find the same faces everywhere.  Local witnesses have found lines of buses parked a few blocks from the protests that brought in most of the protesters and rioters. This is found at many of these protests.

Ads have been found that recruit people to be protesters and there has been a lot of money spent by people who simply do not want the American public to know what is really going on.

It is a total shame and scandal that the mainstream media wants Bob to believe his grandson who is paying a huge sum for an education, is suddenly throwing all values that he was brought up with away. Bob is thankful that he is not.

Many of the University and Colleges that charge huge amounts for an ‘education’ are now starting to feel the results of their politics. There are huge numbers of parents, grandparents, and alumni who support students that are withdrawing financial support and dropping enrollments.

The key to our Constitutional Republic is an educated citizenry. If the education is diverted from truth, inquiry, and discussion and moves to indoctrination the founders will have sacrificed everything and all who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms will have been in vain. Also the unofficial fourth branch of government ‘a free press’ will be complicit in taking the only true place of freedom left in the world and become a society dominated by a few elites that believe we are ignorant and make decisions for us.

Divisions have never been deeper now than since the Civil War.  The people are not as ignorant as the Washington elites believe and it is time to have a discussion with those who disagree with facts and not talking points. And time for those elected to either do their job or get out of the way and let the country function as it was intended.

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