What has passed for education comes to a complete halt by the time anyone is elected to office or appointed to a government job. Now I am talking about those who make the rules and those who do not fight back when they know what they are doing is wrong. Take for the example of trying to change your address on everything when you move. The worst is when you try to get your address changed on a drivers license and concealed carry permit.

First your drivers license needs to be a ‘Real’ Id. You can get a drivers license by jumping (or conducted) across the border and produce a fake Social Security number or fake Green card. That is no problem. But to be a good citizen and want your address to actually be where you live you need a birth certificate and marriage license. It does not matter that you may have been married 66 years ago like my mom. So far it is two trips and no license yet.

My brother was told that his Social Security card could not ne encased in laminate. He needed a replacement card. Just send in your drivers license by mail and maybe they will send it back within 10 days. What if he gets stopped or needed to prove who he is? He went to the SS office in Wichita and the doors were locked. After a few trips in he sat waiting for it to open. While there a security guard came out to tell him that they were in there but no one could figure out how to unlock the door. We have been here for two months and they are not open yet but they will now accept his laminated card. You need to send your drivers license to get a social security card to use as proof to get a corrected drivers license. Think about that a couple times.

I could not change my address at Pratt even though I dropped my CDL back to class C. Now that I live here I can get my license changed (with a new copy of my birth) but I have to go back to Pratt to correct my concealed carry. I so look forward to spending quality time in two court house in two counties. You know they know where to find me for my taxes!

Now slow Joe wants warrantless entry into your house to take your guns away. For those who agree with this have fun when some angry little communist tells them there are guns in your house. Brings a new slant to Swatting doesn’t it?

Those that create these kind of rules supposedly all had good educations. Makes you want to evaluate education. Does that make me racist? Is it ‘white privilege’ to expect a good education coupled with common sense for everyone?

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