Bill Richardson


One stroke of a pen and the disregard for the lives of American’s who pay taxes and build, is all it took for Slow Joe to create a depression. However one of his steadfast backers will now rake in millions in the process. By killing the Keystone pipeline instantly hundreds of workers were thrown out of jobs, many in six figures, and the prospects for them is dismal. Not only that but everyone who manufactured supplies, housed them, and benefitted from the pipeline are broken.

But it still goes beyond. Every kid in school to become welders, pipeliners, equipment operators, as well as their own kids in school are devastated. It is just as well that colleges will hurt since they are the ones teaching such useful skills as Gender Studies, studying shrimp on a treadmill, Cheer, and global climate change. One stroke of a pen and a man who never turned a wrench in his life can destroy jobs and have the sand to tell them to retrain as code writers.

What about international relations? Most of the oil is from Canada. They will still ship it. It will go by train and truck. Who benefits from this. Mostly the main shareholder of the BNSF Railroad. He just happens to be a big backer and contributor to Slow Joe’s campaign as well as the Demoncrat party. No coincidence here. Just a year ago the news was talking about the railcars that would be put in storage.

When hate goes so deep that pain is a major weapon there is some thing fundamentally wrong with a party and people. Telling the 75 million people who voted for President Trump that we need to ‘all come together’ is an ignorant statement when you just killed jobs, threw open the border for illegals, impeach a former president, and spend trillions of dollars that we don’t have. But the presses are on still printing money that is not worth the paper it is written on.

Where is the sense that converting to renewable energy is considered a good idea when 90% of solar panels are made in China? The windmills that are covering the plains are only profitable with government energy credits? Ninety percent of the rare earth elements to power the cars and trucks (that means batteries) come from China. There is a reason that the world’s largest cell phone and components manufacturer has had their products band from top secret facilities and even countries. Their products all have a back door that lets Chinese spy agencies have access. Those agencies are part owners of the companies.

And who has ties to China? Well there will never be the lawsuit under this FBI to expose him.

Anybody want to buy some cheap welding rigs?

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