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I have not decided whether to call myself a Kansanista, Kansanite, or Kansatonian. But I am a life long Kansan and I love the state and the people in it. (well pretty much)

I love the stories that have been forgotten or just almost lost about Kansas and Kansans. As you are aware my first history book was Kansas Oddities. Well I have a lot more stories to tell. So here comes book number two.


The number one question that I have had since my first book came out is “when are you going to do another one?” Well, right now. I was very fortunate to have my forward on KANSAS ODDITIES written by Marci Penner. On ECCENTRIC KANSAS my forward has been done by Rebecca Tanner. I am tickled to be honored by both women who care so much about Kansas and Kansas History to have them contribute to my books.

ECCENTRIC KANSAS will come out on November 11, 2019. Armistice Day and my mothers birthday. This is a bit late in the gift selling season but you will be able to order from,, and it will be in book sellers all over the state. I will put out a list when I get the distribution results.

My stories have all but been forgotten and it is my mission to find them and save them. Many times the communities and even families have not heard about the stories. Some are only known within communities and not much further.

If you want to read about; Iola’s Mad Bomber, The nations first mass murder of modern times in Winfield. Fatty Arbuckle, Cattle Kate. You will find out about one of the most popular stationary balers, the Auto-Fedan. The Bailor Tractor built in Atchison. The first automobile offered for sale west of the Mississippi River. Or the Little Blue Books, and much more.

What is even better is that I have already submitted the paperwork for book three. Sales of ECCENTRIC KANSAS will determine when I get started on the next book.

And if you think that I am running short of stories, think again? I get more ideas for stories everyday. So I am in the process of creating a syndicated radio program that will be put on radio stations all over the state called TALES OF KANSAS.

I am working with some really great people on the production of this program. What I need is one or two main sponsors that can get this all going. If you are a company or know of someone who wants their message heard all over the region on multiple radio stations, this is a ground floor opportunity. There is a good chance that the program will not only be heard in Kansas but also in the region.

I want to thank all of my supporters that purchased KANSAS ODDITIES and hope that you all will order ECCENTRIC KANSAS also. And thanks to the papers, facebook, and email readers that support my weekly opinion column. I really enjoy meeting so many people that care about Kansas and our country.

If you want to be a sponsor of TALES OF KANSAS or want to put my books and other History Press books into your store contact me.


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