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With the drug epidemic in this country who are the ones who are most responsible for perpetuating the drug epidemic? Well there is a whole host of them.

Lets start with Colombian cartels, then Mexican cartels. We have a huge army fighting these sources and there are other countries such as Russia and others fueling the epidemic on the streets.

But lets look at a couple of others. Drug Companies and the Federal Government. Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t. Then there is the un-indicted accomplice, the media companies.

Lets face it there are billions and trillions of dollars in the entire industry from the legitimate to illegal pushers.

Lets just use me for one minute. I have two places in my back that are deteriorating. One place is a crushed disk, and the other is the onset of arthritis and slow decomposition of the bone.

I refuse to use an opioid and my pain medicine is Tylenol 3 (which is mostly codeine). I have a pain management doctor that I go to that gives me injections to relive pain and keep me from opioids. If I were to go with the standard procedure I would be setting around with a dulled mind waiting for my next pill. Sorry I refuse to do that.

Between arthritis, bad knees, diabetic nephropathy, bad back, and other conditions my life of doing anything physical has come to an end. But when I talk with others who have conditions that need surgery the story is always the same. They are required by the government and insurance companies to go on opioids for a year before the doctor can do what needs to be done. So these people are required to become  addicted to drugs before the real problem can be fixed.

So along with the Government add in the Insurance companies as the biggest problem of drug addiction in the country. I know others ,who like me, refuse to take opioids. They have to suffer and seek out alternative therapies to get their lives back and stay away from the pushers from the government, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies.

Also heaven help the ones who are on the list waiting for a determination that they are not able to work and the system has them wait over two years to make a basic judgement.

One attorney jokes (and not that much of a joke), to his client to give him the address of the bridge he is moving under to live. This may make his name rise on the list to get accepted.

The long time that people are spending on the list to be accepted for conditions that are beyond their control is a tragedy. What compounds the tragedy is that anything that the person has ever had, including retirement, is gone and by the time decisions are made they are near bankruptcy. Compound this with the pain that is delayed treatment and the requirements of using addictive drugs is an outrage.

Is the back log so much the baby boomers or is it the bureaucracy fighting a president and party that they are determined to undermine?

I have called before to the advertising of drugs to be halted. The US is only one of 2 countries that allow so much money be spent on advertising. The billions that the media giants make from this should be ended and that money put into research and affordable products that really work.

This may sound like a disjointed rant but put simply the problem is all of these: Cartels, gangs, drug runners, government, insurance, and media. Don’t forget all the politicians that have prevented affordable pharmaceuticals, and deliberately stands in the way of alternative therapies.

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