Walt Whitman


As the Admiral Yamamato stated upon the completion of the attack on Pearl Harbor, “I believe all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.”

Americans are a people who are often misunderstood. Those who have forgotten how a rebellious colony defeated the worlds super power eventually became the super power of the world. Many are envious of it. Many work against it even when it means that they would lose all the benefits of it.

Do not forget that the American people have not forgotten that an atheistic country that has designs of become the world super power was the origination of the Covid-19.

As we had the most forward growing economy in the world we allowed it to shut down to combat a virus that was virtually unknown. We have all had to endure the constant never ending news reporting on the virus.

Those who were already tired of the constant negative news are now completely fed up with it. And of a party who uses the needs of the people to throw money at projects that have nothing to do with the virus I predict will pay a heavy price.

When we added 20% of our nations worth to our debt was your first thought ‘how can we send money to the Kennedy Center’? Talk about never letting a good disaster go to waste!

As a State we have now found out that every electronic device that you carry with you tracks your every movement. This information is collected by Unicast and then sold to whomever is willing to pay for it. Your state is one of the willing.

We have a report card. This data is used to give grades to states and towns as to how well we are complying with the stay at home rules. Well Kansas has a C-. The City of Norton has an F.

Why does Norton have an F? A promotional flyer went out on a Friday to get out of the house and cruise the town’s main street. Everyone in their cars no contact other than waving and yelling. But Big Brother caught all of this.

Now the Mayor of Los Angeles is proclaiming that we will never get back to normal, we are going to do something else. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING JACK! When the restrictions are lifted I am going to the Lumber Yard at Zenda and have a Prime Rib!

We are going to see our neighbors again, have barbecue, and go back to work! If I want to take a cruise and see the countryside I am going to do it.

Mr. Mayor you can take your Socio-Communist vision and put it where the sun does not shine. I believe that the country is going to do the same thing.

Companies are going to learn how close we came to be ordered by a foreign power as to how to run our lives and bring the industry and jobs back to people willing to work. Companies are no longer going to get a quiet disdain for them moving to use slave labor.

Other groups who caused our dairy’s to dump milk and ranchers to lose money on their animals so we can bring in cheap and inferior products from Africa and South America are going to get dumped. Politicians who think that they can change everything about our way of life under the guise of an emergency are going to be sent packing.

And will will return and worship our God and Savior and be richer spiritually than these bankrupt humanists and atheists who think that they are smarter than everyone around them.

If I were a college professor I believe that I would go back and teach the subject that I was hired for and not propagandize our youth. The pendulum has started to swing back from the far side.

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