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Container ships floating around waiting for a government solution to get unloaded should not be something that panics you as you shop for Christmas. I have addressed you on this before. Today I received an email from my friends at the KANSAS SAMPLER FOUNDATION. In the email was the list of Kansas businesses, artists, and producers that you can simply shop on line from. If you just take time to sit down and shop and order, you will not have to ever care about Black Friday or empty shelves again.

Not only can you buy a variety of goods, but you will be supporting your neighbors. What can you buy? Just about anything but cheap plastic junk and electronics that just dumb down the user. You can buy hand made furniture, books, one of a kind art, meat products, cheese, honey, flour, T shirts, apple cider, Kansas Guide books, hats, mustard, apple cider, salsa, pecans, jellies, pork rinds, beef jerky, popcorn, spices, coffee, steaks, grass fed steaks, chickens, turkeys, noodles, wine, metal products, pottery, jewelry, photography, art, hats, tools, metal art, candles, soap, yarn, bags, tools, weaving, clothing, music CD’s, and much more.

If you listen to the news you can be scared silly. News agencies thrive on bad news. Politicians never let a tragedy be wasted. Congress promises to spend trillions and it won’t cost the people a thing. Those who would dominate you want you to follow the crowd. Power brokers want minions.

DO NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD! Christmas is for worship, fellowship, and reflection. I fail to see how the latest ‘game’ to play mass murder is doing anything constructive or loving for the kids.

Going to Wally World or Malls with electronic self check out seems like the worst way to spend your money. Ignoring mega store and online shopping with giant corporations is one way you can stand up for the small business, artisan, craftsmen, and creative individuals.

I am running a special that you can send a check and receive my three Kansas history books, my Cowboy & Country poetry book, and a copy of the International Western Music Association – Kansas chapter CD called KANSAS COWBOY. All for  $60 postage paid.

Send your $60 check to Roger Ringer, 2261 NE Well Rd.  Medicine Lodge, Ks.  67104

Put a little thought and effort this year when celebrating the holidays.

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  • Lynda Fort
    Posted at 20:59h, 19 November

    Just do it and relax and pray and sing
    Shop Kansas