Tom Selleck in the role of Monte Walsh


When did the American people become so enamored with politics? From the beginning! Newspapers for years have taken the position of pushing what they see as truth but today’s media has taken it to a new low.

Politics used to be the topic around the cracker barrel and later in the tavern or local coffee shop.

Media and the protections that they receive goes back to speaking to power. When Government and history was taught in schools the press was to be the fourth branch of government. They were suppose to be the truth tellers that spoke to power. After all those in power must be exposed to truth. They now join the minority party in partnership. Each community used to have two papers, one for each party. Kansas had more newspapers than any state. They spoke truth to anyone and everyone.

Right away at the country’s beginning the concept of even handed integrity went by the wayside as well as the notion that there should not be political parties. Our Republic also depended on a moral and educated citizenry to function properly. That is now in the ditch.

What most people want from government is that those who work there do their job. Elected or appointed. This went off the rails and it has been a raging war ever since.

We now have open sedition, active overthrow of our government and way of life. Amazing how those who believe in turning the United States into a third world country, believe that somehow they will have a hand in running things. That is the part that those who rewrite history fail to mention, that those who would tear down the state will be with the rest in the camps. They will be loaded in the box cars with the rest.

Those who choose to support our way of life will already be gone. Those who destroyed will always carry suspicion.

The belief that religion has killed more people than anything else in wars is a lie. More people have been killed by socialist and communist movements than anything else in history. The 20th Century had more people murdered than all of history combined.

We are now threatened with open rebellion because the man elected to lead the nation is doing his job. (No one in government can figure this). It is time that all elected and appointed do their jobs.

Discussion and diverse thought has always been the strength of our country. Outright hatred is not.


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