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I have been distracted a bit here lately. I started writing my book KANSAS ODDITIES so that I would not sit around the house and feel sorry for myself. I have a host of health issues and it can be easy to get into a real funk and moan and groan. Of course after about five minutes no one is willing to listen to your groans or explanations why you don’t get anything done anymore.

In fact I bored myself to death. I have a routine in the mornings because I get  up way too early and cannot sleep in. After the breakfast and news I come in and answer my emails (or delete most of them). Check my Facebook and say Happy Birthday to my friends and go through the outrageous news that gets put on there. Also some of the views of friends I have but disagree with. (wouldn’t it be boring to just have people you agreed with all the time as friends?)

So my book has done really well and I still have files full of stories. I don’t want them to go to waste and so I have now gotten the approval from the publisher to do my second book. Now I am getting really busy. Also I am trying to get the spring Newsletter started for the Cowboy Storytellers (it is a big obituary this time).

I started working on a syndicated radio program called TALES OF KANSAS in order to use even more of my stories. I am getting some great help on that. In the middle of all of this I am trying to find some photographs for my new book and that is like pulling hens teeth. Many people are being really great but when I have to purchase one people think they are made of gold. (I think some actually think you make money writing a book. That’s a good one.)

I suddenly realize that it is time to get out another story and being distracted makes the writing really difficult. You know that being distracted is when mistakes are made. My whole life is full of mistakes. As I read the obituaries every morning I realize that I am older than many of the people who have died.

So of all my distractions my goal is to live another day as it comes. Dreams are pretty much gone and the real value of living and life strikes real close to home.

When I take a break and go to the front room and watch the news it amazes me how the people who have been tap dancing around the things they believe in are now shedding their masks and revealing who they really are.

When you have a celebration over the fact that you can now kill a baby even when it is in the birth canal you are evil. When you calmly explain that you would allow a baby to be born and set it aside and discuss the fate of the child, and then kill it, you have taken off your mask.

Those who try to use fancy words to cover evil now are coming out and revealing the face of Satan. Those who verbally attack high school students with false accusations and still will not come off the fact that they really hate them because of the hat that they wore.

But then this is a distraction. Because I never believed that hate was not their original goals. They are just up front about it now.

So distracted I am going back to work on my book and try to find photos and deal with things that are really important to me like Kansas and Kansas people.

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