Fredrick Douglas

     I am setting trying to put my thoughts together after the long and exasperating election season.  Aren’t seasons supposed to last three months and then change?  We need to quit calling it an elections season and call it an election struggle.

      I feel drained emotionally and physically and am wanting to go back to actual news and not made up headlines.  I am ready for the ambulance chasers and the other ridiculous advertisements that insult our intelligence.  I want to never hear the half truths, lies, and inventive scandals that seems to be the norm in political campaigns anymore.

     I had been dreading the feeling of waking up as I have the last two presidential races with the disappointment and dread at what was going to come.  And the embarrassment that those in power continually subject us to.

     Do I feel that I want to shout and insult those who are experiencing what I have too many times in the past as the loss was sinking in?  No.  I want a little calm and not a lot of excuse making.  There has to be a recognition in the media that they are supposed to be watch dogs who question everyone and everything and not vest themselves with guiding the race to their personal wishes.  I want a little decompression.

     What many people have not come to realize yet is that the air of superiority does not bode well with the people who work and pay for the excesses and bear the brunt of the country in its international activism.  The ones who see money go to people and governments that hate us.  People who see their lives ruined because they cannot keep their jobs, doctors, or dignity.

     The god building images of celebrity are not anything that should influence the fundamental right and responsibility to analyze the facts and render a vote on them.  The fact that you cannot take a stand on anything that is out of the elitist play book would cost you your job, reputation, and personal attack is not what the people want or will tolerate.

     I am not interested in going around saying that I told you so about the elections.  I voice an opinion and keep in mind that I am not any smarter than anyone else.  I have been wrong many times in my life and expect that I will continue in that vain.  I just hope that I can gather the facts and measure them against a set of principles that I believe in.  We have come to the point that there is no clear right or wrong and everything is in the grey area.  As a nation and a people we cannot make this our mantra.

     WE have a Republic and a set of principles that have been set down and used to measure off of that we cannot destroy and hope to survive.  The fundamentals of this nation is that we were founded in the belief in the blessings of God, the Declaration of Independence and that Life is the first right.  We have the Federalist Papers and the writings of the founders.  To turn from these are a sure path to destruction.

     Now the victors have the unenviable responsibility to do the right things and put the country back on track to what we have been and should be again.  It is not the victors place to gloat or seek revenge.  It is time to heal, teach, and lead.

     We will see how this works out.  Will they do the right thing?  Will we start to talk together again and not shout?  Will we bow down and ask for forgiveness and pray for wisdom?  The future generations are depending on their answers and actions.

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