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Are you tired of politics being injected into everything? I am, and Aunt Gladys would sure like for me to quit writing about it. I really would like to, for heavens sake there are so many positive things to talk about. I rather talk about all the things that we have here in rural Kansas and the people. I really would rather talk about history.

For some reason it is a national insanity that thinks politics should be injected to absolutely everything. Judging by comments from everyone I see and meet there is a sense of plain anger going around here lately. Sure is a fine way for so called educated free people to be stirred up by an obvious attempt to create a sense of outrage today.

There are a lot of people acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. There are a lot of gramma’s that need to be washing out mouths with lye soap. What is worse there is a deliberate strategy behind all this.

There are places that people come together and their differences have no bearing on what unites them. One are is sports. No one wants to tune into a game and see anything more than good play. They want their team to win and look good doing it. People do a lot of things that have nothing to do with agendas other than winning championships.

So why would anyone use the fact that they have been fortunate enough to be blessed with some talent and be able to raise themselves beyond what they started as to be admired and paid for the trouble. Who wants to see someone decide that the game day is a place for political activity? No one.

What head of a company would take a stand on not wanting the business for a group of people because of politics? Any board of directors that would allow that person to lead a company should be removed by the share holders. Businesses are there to provide a service, provide jobs, and return investors a dividend.

Which ever side of the political spectrum you are on you are free to turn the channel and watch what you want. But when you are just looking to be entertained you will be turned off real fast if you bring politics into it.

Hollywood has not figured out that no one cares if they go on strike. Please go ahead!

I really like a lot of musicians but am not interested in their views, period!

There is one thing that the silent majority is real good at in this country, they vote with their dollars. Fight all you want to in the proper setting. Leave my loyalties alone. PGA is looking more interesting on Sunday’s more and more.

I promise Aunt Gladys that I will try to write on some other subjects. But there has to be someone to stand up and say DAGNABBIT QUIT IT!

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